Why You Need To Update Your Game Before June 10

Eight days ago (May 28, 2024), The Sims team released a game update for "Performance Improvements, Upgrades, and a whole lot of (Bug) Fixes"! 

Now simmers are in panic because of this tweet released by EA Help advising players to update The Sims 4 before June 10. Many fear that if they don't update by then, they won't ever be able to play the game ever again!

While the wording is really confusing, it's more likely that EA Help's tweet meant players need to update the game to keep playing. If they don't update by June 10, the game simply won't run.

Which means, they can still update their game after June 10. It just won't launch if they don't and they won't be able to play until they do.

That is my assumption as it would be crazy to not be able to play again just because you missed an update, right? So, there's no need to panic.  It's just EA being EA. Or is that a reason itself to panic? 😄

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