Update 06/06/2024: Bug Fixes and Login Event Issues

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PC: / Mac:
Console: 1.93

Today's update from The Sims 4 Team addresses several bugs and resolves unintended access to Happy At Home Login Event rewards.

Here's a summary of the Bug Fixes they did:

Login Event Rewards:
  • Fixed an issue where some Create a Sim and Build Mode rewards from the Happy At Home Login Event were accessible before they were unlocked.
  • Resolved a bug that allowed the "Practice Makes Perfect" trait to be available before unlocking it through the Login Event.

General Gameplay:
  • Removed an incorrect tooltip for the "Purchase" interaction on the Guerdon Goods Vending Machine.
  • Fixed a crash reported by players using DirectX 11 Preview with MSAA enabled.
  • Resolved a Last Exception error causing Sims to reset after completing certain pool interactions.
  • Fixed missing text when opening the Happy At Home Login Event in Spanish.
  • Updated the names and descriptions of some flowers to better reflect their color variations.
  • Implemented various other stability improvements and bug fixes.

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