Common WickedWhims Issues and How To Fix Them

I think the most questions I get from my YouTube channel subscribers are about WickedWhims and always they are issues about the mod not working or not appearing in their game, so, I decided to write a post on how to fix them. But first, make sure you did download it from their official website. If not, delete whatever it is in your Mods folder and download it from the website I mentioned and install it properly.

Don't forget to delete the localthumbcache.package file from The Sims 4 folder which should be done every time you add or delete a mod/custom content from your Mods folder. This step is important as it ensures the changes you have made are properly applied. Not doing so can cause issues in your game which you don't want.

Now here's how to fix common WickedWhims issues

1) With your game running, see if you have Custom Contents and Mods as well as Script Mods in Game Options/Other enabled/checked;

2) Check if your game version is compatible with the WickedWhims version you downloaded and installed;

Here's how to check your game version
Here's how to check the Wicked Whims version

If the WickedWhims you downloaded is not compatible with your game version especially if you haven't updated your game in a while, you can download WickedWhims Past Versions here.

3) When you download WickedWhims, the folder is zipped, so if you are using a Windows computer (some newer computers don't need this so you can skip if your computer can automatically extract/unzip them), you would need to extract/unzip the folder using a file archiver and the unzipped folder is what you should place inside your Mods folder. I believe some Macs come with built in file archivers, hence, there is no need to do this step, but if you don't see that feature, go ahead and search Google for a free file archiver that is compatible with your MacOS;

4) If one of the Wicked Whims files is missing, look into other locations in your computer such as OneDrive.  If it is there, there's an option in OneDrive to download files, so do that and transfer the file to the WickedWhims folder inside your Mods folder. You can also just disable OneDrive so your downloaded files won't end up in there. I personally got rid of OneDrive by uninstalling it and I have never encountered any issues with my sims files since then.

It is also possible that the missing file was blocked by your firewall or antivirus software. If that's the case, add an exception to your firewall/antivirus.

To add an exception on Windows, click here.
To add an exception on Mac, click here.

As to adding exceptions to your antivirus, the steps to this vary, depending on what antivirus software you are using, so I would advise to Google "how to add an exception + name of your antivirus software

5) Make sure the files are not placed more than one folder deep.  



When you unzip WickedWhims, it usually has a subfolder named "WickedWhimsMod". Take that subfolder out from the main WickedWhims folder and place it directly under the Mods folder. Don't forget to discard the main WickedWhims folder and the zipped WickedWhims folder;

6) See if you have animations installed. WickedWhims comes with a few animations, but since some animations are tied with objects like beds, sofas, showers, etc., if you click on those objects and you have no animations for them installed, the mod won't work on those objects at all. 

If you don't know how to install animations, watch this step-by-step guide to downloading and installing WickedWhims which also includes animations:

Animations typically don't need updating unless the creator has released an updated version. So, do check them as well should you encounter issues in your game.

Click here if you encounter Code 19: Couldn't Prepare Sims error.

7) It is pretty common to have duplicate files in your Mods folder. Check if you left a previous version of the mod in there. Delete it if you find one, then delete the localthumbcache.package file from The Sims 4 folder;

8) Sometimes issues can arise when you have another mod that is conflicting with WickedWhims. Check the other mods that may have similar features with WickedWhims and revisit the website where you downloaded it from to see if it mentions any conflict with other mods, specifically, WickedWhims;

9) Speaking of other mods, whenever there is a recent game update, mods like "UI cheats" and "More Columns in CAS" can cause visual issues and even cause your game to crash or experience glitches. Make sure you update them to the version that is compatible with the recent game patch. Otherwise, delete it and delete the localthumbcache.package file;

10) Sometimes we tend to only look at mods as the possible culprit, but there are instances wherein custom contents are to blame. I've had a broken CC hair crash my game before that's why I know this. You can scan your game using Better Exceptions mod to find the culprit;

11) Deleting cache files sometimes helps fix issues, including the ones in your saves folder named "WickedWhimsMod". 

12) In case the mod works but some of it's features disappear or aren't working as expected, check and play around with the settings. One of the common issues with settings is when the s*x menu/bubble disappears after your sim has done the deed. This happens when autonomous s*x is enabled and can be fixed by going into S*x Settings/Autonomy Settings/Autonomy Specifics/Autonomy Cooldowns and changing the cool down period.

Another issue is the location. You can fix it by going to:
Wicked > Settings > S*x Settings > Cheats > Change S*x Location Anywhere Switch;

On rare occasions when updating Wicked Whims, the Dynamic Animation Disabler Settings get changed and disable all the Animations. 

You won't see any animations if Manual Mode is disabled, so check and enable Manual Mode S*x first in Wicked > S*x Settings and at the bottom you'll find the Dynamic Menu.

Also check the other Animation Disabler Menu afterwards to see if they are all enabled too. It can also be found in Wicked > S*x Settings > Autonomy Settings which only affect WW Autonomy.

You may also try this: Go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/saves/WickedWhimsMod and remove the files named dynamic_disabled_animations.json and all_disabled_animations.json, as they contain information as to which animations are disabled.

Sometimes, for unknown reason they seem to have all of the installed animations listed inside by default, so removing them "resets" them back to normal (since they'll be created anew next time you boot the game up) and fixes the problem (Credit to Husk of Loverslab).

13) Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the mod and deleting the localthumbcache.package files does the trick. 

14) If you get a rig conflict warning after installing WickedWhims, it could mean you have another mod that has the old WickedWhims animating rig.

One way to solve this is to find and remove that mod, or you can make sure the "!WickedWhimsMod" folder has an "!" at the beginning of the name so it loads first which lets it establish the animating rig first.

15) Recent changes in the game after the High School Years Pack was released have prompted the creator of WickedWhims to remove certain features from the mod.  The features involve teenage s*xual functionalities which are now disabled in the mod.  To get the features back, you would need a separate mod and re-enable the features in your WickedWhims settings.  Click here to get the add-on.

16) Visual Issues

If you have installed multiple Sims body overrides, also known as default replacements, you may encounter conflicts that result in invisible body parts. To avoid this, it's best to only use one body part override for the top and bottom. Note that this may only be an issue in the Create-a-Sim (CAS) screen and not during gameplay.

If you are experiencing this issue, you will need to remove any conflicting mods that are causing the problem. By doing so, you should be able to ensure that all of your Sims are properly visible and that the mod is functioning correctly.

The default male organ model used by these mods relies on extended skin color textures known as Skin Tones, which are provided by the mod itself. However, if you install any other mod that overrides these Skin Tones, it may conflict with WickedWhims unless it also extends the texture space.

One common issue that can arise is that the organ on a Sim may appear black or partially black, which typically indicates a conflicting or unsupported Skin Tones mod. Specifically, custom content Skin Tones that don't support the extended texture space are likely to cause issues. Additionally, clothing worn by the Sim may affect the appearance of their body texture.

If you're experiencing this problem, a quick way to identify problematic Skin Tone mods is to search your 'Mods' folder for the keywords "skin" and "tone". By removing or updating any conflicting mods, you should be able to restore the correct appearance of male Sims' genitalia.

If you notice that your Sims are wearing clothes when they should be nude, it's likely that their "bathing" outfit needs to be reset using the 'ww.fix_sim_nude_outfit' command. To use this command, simply open the command console by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+C keys and type in the command.

Note that any accessories that are represented as clothes may not be fully supported by the mod and could cause issues. To avoid any conflicts, it's best to stick with clothing items that are specifically designed to be worn with the mod. By following these guidelines, you should be able to ensure that your Sims are correctly nude and that the mod is functioning properly.

If you're encountering issues with distorted, stuck, or floating body parts like the organ or tongue, it's likely due to a conflict with other Sim rig modifications.

WickedWhims includes an animating rig modification that alters the Sim animation skeleton, and any other Sim rig mods you have installed that use outdated animating rig files will conflict with it. To resolve this issue, you'll need to remove any mods that contain outdated animating rig files. Note that animating rigs are NOT s*x animations, so you don't need to delete your s*x animations.

Specifically, you should remove all Sim rig mods released before June 2022, including those made by Denton47, NANDONG, autobanned, and Azmodan22. You should also remove any mods that extend Sims' animation capabilities and conflict with the WickedWhims extended Sim rig, such as mods for animated hair, tongues, or wings.

Some known names of package files that can cause issues include Azmodan22_UpdatedRig.package, Denton47_Rigs.package, and NANDONG_yfHeadDefault.package. To quickly locate these files in your 'Mods' folder, you can search for the keywords "rig", "head", and "animated". By removing these conflicting mods, you should be able to resolve the issues with distorted body parts in WickedWhims.

You can customize your Sims' anatomy, including whether they have either male or female organs. To do this, go to 'Wicked -> Personalization -> Anatomy -> Genitals' and select the appropriate option for your Sim. Note that changes made in-game will not apply in the Create-a-Sim (CAS) screen, so the visuals may appear different.

It's important to note that the type of organ a Sim has is specified in-game using the Body Selector functionality, not in the CAS screen. Additionally, any installed body mods that are supported by WickedWhims will not be used automatically. To change a Sim's body, you need to open the 'Body Selector' menu, which is located under 'Wicked -> Personalization' after you click on a Sim with a male organ.

If you have any organ mods that are overrides or require manual usage in the CAS screen, they are not supported by WickedWhims. This means that you may encounter issues if you try to use them alongside the mod. By following these guidelines, you should be able to customize your Sims' anatomy properly and without any conflicts.

If you've done all these and still find unresolved issues with the mod, it is possible that your game save is corrupt. It’s best you save your game into a new save slot in case you want to go back and then start a new save without mods or custom contents, or do a factory reset.

You may also get in touch with me so we can figure it out together. Just fill out this form so I can look into your issue and give you feedback.

I hope this guide helped you troubleshoot and fix whatever WickedWhims issue you had.

Happy simming!

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