How To Delete Cache Files

The Sims 4 stores game data in the form of cache files in order for it to load the game faster.  However, these cache files accumulate over time and may contain outdated ones which may cause the game to lag, crash, or misbehave.  Here's how you can safely delete them.
Locate these under The Sims 4 folder:
cache folder -This folder will show contents only when the game is running. The .jpg files and the .dat that you find inside the cache folder are safe to delete. Do not delete the entire folder.

cachestr folder - You can safely delete the contents but not the entire folder.

localthumbcache.package - Delete from time to time and every time you add/remove mods.

onlinethumbnailcache folder - This folder and its contents are safe to delete.
avatarcache.package - Used to fix a Mac Error with the gallery. This file may grow in size the more you are in the gallery, so, it is recommended that you delete it from time to time.
lastCleanException.txt and lastException.txt (or any variation) - It is recommended to delete these files but if you are constantly seeing them, it may be an indication of an issue with your game. In that case, you may want to check what is causing the issue/s by copying the contents of lastException.txt and pasting it to the box provided at:, or by going to forums/discords.

lotcachedData - This no longer exists. Delete it if you still have it.

If clearing the above cache doesn't work, try clearing Origin cache. 

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