Smarter Self-Care

Smarter Self-Care is a mod that allows your household Sims and NPCs to take better care of their needs and hobby before getting uncomfortable from their motives going too low.

Base Game

Some Features of the mod require certain packs. Just choose the ones you like for the packs you own:
  • Baby Care (Base Game): More attentive to nearby babies' needs;  less need loss/ higher need gain when you reload the household again.
  • Bladder (Base Game)
  • Chat (Base Game Compatible): Higher priority of other socials; Lower priority of vampire socials
  • Cook And Grab Food (Base Game Compatible): Higher priority of grab food instead of making new dishes; Lower priority of making dessert or baking
  • Energy (Base Game)
  • Fun Need (Base Game)
  • Gardening (Base Game): Slightly higher autonomy for gardening
  • Hobby (Base Game Compatible): Slightly higher autonomy for various activities
  • Hunger (Base Game)
  • Hygiene (Base Game) Also works for Mermaid because Mermaid's hydration relies on Hygiene
  • Less Risky Woohoo (Base Game Compatible): Lower priority of risky locations
  • Minor Needs (Base Game): Thirst, Hands Hygiene, Oral Hygiene
  • Nausea (Base Game)
  • NPC Care (Base Game Compatible): Higher romantic autonomy for dates, better need care for invited sims
  • Pet Needs (Cats and Dogs)
  • Plant Sim Water (Base Game)
  • Servo Needs (University)
  • SmallAnimalANDLivestockNeeds (Base Game Compatible): Works for any minor pets and animals from My First Pet Pack, and Livestock from Cottage Living Pack
  • Social Need (Base Game)
  • Spellcaster Need (Realm of Magic)
  • Toddler Care (Base Game)
  • Vampire Needs (Vampire)
  • Werewolf Needs (Werewolf)


Here's How To Properly Install Mods

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