Travel Agent Career

A travel agent is a professional who assists individuals and groups in planning and booking travel arrangements, such as flights, accommodations, transportation, tours, and activities. They provide valuable advice, help clients find the best deals, and ensure that their travel experiences are smooth and enjoyable.


All sims want to finally take those piling up vacation days an it will be your job to help them get it. Here at Sim City Travel we aspire to any travel needs requested of us.

Level 1 - Assistant
The life of a travel agent starts here! Ok yes right now it's getting coffee and greeting would-be travellers but don't fret soon they will be seeking your advice.

Level 2 - Clerk
Our customers need your help to book their next getaway, from location to budget you are in charge of helping achieve that dream vacation. Finding the best rates on flights and which hotel is child friendly is the aim of the job here.

Level 3 - Consultant
Now you have proven yourself with the common traveller corporations have come a knocking, you are now in charge of booking arrangements for those folks in business when they travel for meetings or maybe they want a nice place for a company retreat.

Level 4 - Supervisor
All final bookings have to go through you before they can be truly marked as done. Your job is to make sure all points have been checked and no traveller loses their luggage as no-one booked cases on their flight.

Level 5 - Assistant Manager
Life is about to take a more admin turn as the office does need to have supplies and enough brochures so our customers can browse before making any location based decisions.

Level 6 - Branch Manager
The hiring, firing and training is now down to you! While meeting sales targets and keeping complaints to a minimum maybe your primary concern right now the chance to help book vacations will crop up every now and again.

Level 7 - Regional Manager
Well well look who is the one in need of travel arrangements now? As regional manager your job is to visit all branches and make sure they are up to scratch and employees are happy working here.

Level 8 - Assistant Director
While helping travellers book their weekend getaways may feel like a lifetime (and 4 job levels) ago your current boss will need arrangements booked! That being said it's only a hop, skip and a jump to corporate domination.

Level 9 - Director
The job of director isn't just overseeing all branches and every other job in-between, you need to be up to date on the travel market and trends to make sure the company is always offering the best possible service to any customers that grace our doors.

Level 10 - Travel Expert
Pick the location and it's yours! Seriously you are top of the chain now you work from whatever worldwide location you want and if someone need you they will come to you, and hey there's a bonus in it for you if they book with us.

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