How To Claim The Daily Rewards Without Logging In

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Sul Sul! The Sims 4 recently introduced a new feature called Daily Rewards. 

By logging in to the game, you can unlock free items like clothes, furniture, and even character traits. This system is similar to what you see in free-to-play games, which has some players worried about future monetization in The Sims 4. 

But hey, free stuff is free stuff! Be aware though – these rewards are temporary and can't be retrieved after the limited window closes (unless you use cheats).

The rewards themselves are varied and exciting, including new hairstyles, clothes, furniture, and even character traits! You'll need an EA account and internet connection to participate. Each month brings a fresh calendar with new rewards to snag, keeping your game experience exciting.

So how do you claim these rewards?

Claiming Your Sims 4 Daily Rewards is Easy!

Just log in the required number of times each week to unlock that week's rewards. On the main menu, look for the Freezer Bunny event box. Clicking it opens a calendar showing your progress. Simply click "Claim" on any unlocked day to add the reward to your game (CAS for clothes/hair, Buy Mode for furniture). The best part? You can claim all unlocked rewards at once with a single click! No more forgetting individual items.

Don't feel like logging in every day? There are options!

  • Furniture & Objects: Open Buy Mode, then filter by "Special" -> "Event Rewards." Select all colors to see the Daily Reward furniture.
  • Trait: In CAS, keep randomizing traits until you get "Practice Makes Perfect." Discard unwanted traits and build your Sim as desired. (This can be time-consuming.)

For clothes & hairstyles (CAS items): Mods come to the rescue! Download the "Timed Event Rewards (Unlocked)" mod from Simsiboy to automatically unlock all Daily Reward items.

Playing on console? This works for PC, too:

  • "Practice Makes Perfect" Trait: Keep clicking "Randomize Traits" in Create A Sim until the trait appears. Be prepared for some re-rolling!
  • Build/Buy Objects: In Build Mode, use the filter "Special" -> "Event Rewards." Then, select all colors within the filter. This "glitch" conveniently reveals all Daily Reward furniture!

Remember: New Daily Rewards come each month, so logging in is still the best way to guarantee you get everything!

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