Lifetime Aspirations

This mod reworks Aspirations to get rid of their multiple levels/goals.

Aspirations Mod Overview

The Aspirations Mod introduces a variety of changes and additions to the aspiration system in The Sims 4. It includes:

1. Lifetime Aspirations:
Replaces the tiered aspiration structure with a single-goal approach, designed to be achievable throughout a Sim's adult life.
Upon completion, each Lifetime Aspiration grants 5,000 satisfaction points and the "Fulfilled" trait, which provides a permanent Happy moodlet.
Original aspiration reward traits are now available in the rewards store.

2. New Aspirations:
Introduces new single-goal aspirations to the game.
Completing a Lifetime Aspiration grants 5,000 satisfaction points and the "Fulfilled" trait, which provides a permanent Happy moodlet.

3. Occult Aspirations:
Groups all occult aspirations (Vampire, Werewolf, Alien, Paranormal, etc.) under a new "Occult" category.
Completing an Occult Aspiration grants a reduced amount of satisfaction points and does not reward the "Fulfilled" trait.

4. Elder Aspirations:
Adds new single-goal aspirations specifically designed for Elder Sims, found in a new "Elder" category.
Completing an Elder Aspiration grants 2,000 satisfaction points and the "Young at Heart" trait, which reduces fatigue and lowers the risk of death from exhaustion.
Elder Sims who have completed a Lifetime Aspiration before completing an Elder Aspiration additionally receive the "Fulfilled Life" trait, eliminating the fear of death and signifying a life well-lived.

Additional Notes:

The mod includes a script (NC4T_LifetimeAspirations.ts4script) to display original aspiration reward traits in the rewards store.
Child aspirations are separated from the main mod files and can be removed if desired.
NC4T_ElderAspirations.ts4script is required for the Elder category to appear on Elder Sims.
The Elder category will not appear in Create-A-Sim mode. To view Elder aspirations, travel with an Elder Sim or bring them to Create-A-Sim once they have aged up.

Base Game

Lifetime Aspirations

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