Annunciation Cathedral (no CC)

The Annunciation Cathedral is a towering Neo-Byzantine masterpiece that graces the heart of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Built in 1901, this majestic cathedral stands as the largest in Eastern Europe, its architectural splendor blending seamlessly with elements of Gothic design, evident in its soaring bell tower and intricate entrance portal.

The cathedral's interior is currently unfurnished so you can decorate it as you please.

Important Notes:
Due to its sheer size, this lot may cause performance issues on computers with limited RAM. If you have a powerful computer, please be patient as the game transitions between live mode and build/buy mode.

Certain objects may disappear when walls or floors are deleted or repainted. To avoid this, utilize the "TOOL mod" or adhere to the cathedral's original interior design.

A curious glitch arises when you venture away from the lot, causing the platforms to vanish. Don't worry as these levitating domes are just a visual trick.

Given that 90% of the exterior relies on chimneys, it's advisable to avoid placing fireplaces within the cathedral.

Placement Instructions:
Mod description and images lifted from the creator's website.
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