Nursery Playroom Set

No more just playing with the plain dollhouse your little ones have tons of new toys to play with in this set. This pack includes super cute functional dolls with separate clothes and hair, a dress-up dresser, dollhouse highchair, baby doll crib, strollers, floor and wall deco to match, and more.

INFO: (from creator's website)

Your toddlers and children will have more to add to their bedrooms and playrooms gaining fun and the imagination skill. Also if you would like to bring your baby dolls outside you may choose the options to attach and carry/remove the baby carriers anywhere!

All Things Included:
- Dollhouse Highchair (Functional) - Multiple interactions includes feeding plate and snacks, give a bottle, wash dishes, and join play with dolls together. Also includes deco slots on the top counter.

- Baby Doll Crib (Functional) - Rock in chair, rock baby to sleep, feed baby bottle interactions. Also, toddlers and children can choose to carry the baby dolls anywhere and remove them by clicking any of the new functional items.

- Dresser Changing Table (Functional) - Multiple interactions to choose from auto open and close dresser, change and pamper baby doll, flip to closet or changing table, buy new doll, and play dress up.

- Baby Stroller (Functional) - Rock baby in Stroller interaction gives a buff and increases the imagination skill and fun.

- Fashion Dolls - This Doll can be bought in the dresser once you use the open and flip-to-closet interaction with two swatches. Once you purchase your new doll you may rename, create hair, create clothes to dress up, play(can play with new clothes added). Adults have the option to sell dolls on plopsy anytime but also once the little ones grow older. Reminder Imagination 3 toddlers can rename Fashion dolls and all other life stages.

- Wall Decal Recolored Puzzle Floor
- Increases Fun and Imagination for toddlers
- Autonomous for Toddlers and Join In Interactions
- New Animations and Buffs
- Base Game Compatible

**Reminder: Toddlers must be using the dresser or dollhouse highchair for other kids to join with the play with dolls interaction together! Also you can only dress up dolls on surfaces including the Dresser Changing Table.

Base Game

Nursery Playroom Set

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