Career Mods

15 Hour Active Career Day with better Wages
Now you can stay at work for 12-15 hours while still having the option to stay later and the end of the shift.

This mod simply lowers the career salaries by 50% (including the money bonuses when getting a promotion). 

All Lower Salary
This reduces the pay for every career by 50%

Always Keep A Doctor At The Hospital
This is a simple mod to add a "replace" action which occurs if the original diagnostician leaves (or dies slipping in one of those puddles the analysis machine leaves behind) so you can get on with your job if you absolutely must transfer a patient case or otherwise talk to the lazy bum.

Better Hospital Staff
Tweaks to the behaviour of hospital co-workers, such as automatic admission of new patients to beds.

Career Overhaul Suite
This mod is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s careers aimed at making career progression more difficult and engaging. This includes a crunch down of all pay rates at lower levels, more exponential pay growth with promotion levels for most careers, a re-thinking of top level pay rates to better align careers with their real life counterparts and game requirements, higher skill requirements across the board, and brand new promotion goals like degrees, friends, and fame level.

Career Socials Unlocked
This Mod unhides the careers interactions from the pie menu that come from being in a certain career.

Celebrity Never Rejects Fans
Tired your sim always rejected by celebrity when you asked to them for autograph and etc. Install this mod and your sim will be accepted by celebrity for hug, autograph, and selfie together with celebrity :)

Chemical Laboratory
Chemical laboratory for your scientists sims.

Entertainer Career Overhaul
Each branch of the career has brand new promotion requirements including custom ones made for this mod like having successful auditions (there's a chance to fail), hiring an agent, negotiating a studio contract, going to rehearsals, as well as ones from packs including followers, fame, and job-specific skills.

This is a complete rework of how the careers are handled in game.
This mod allows your sims to do the same jobs as NPC sims. All you have to do is use your phone to start an event and pick a job that you want to do. You will get paid by doing the same tasks that NPC sims do in your world. 

The goal of this mod pack is to rework the Health system of the Sims 4. Exploring the ability to take care of your Sim's Health all under the same roof if you wish. 

Unlimited Jobs+ is a conflict-safe script that unlocks the possibility of joining multiple careers, part-time jobs, and freelance trades all at the same time. All careers, part-time jobs, and freelance trades are supported and compatible, including Custom Content careers.

is an overhaul of the way writing books works and the Writing Career including both the Author and Journalism branches. They are now semi-active careers with over 40 possible assignments.  

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