Unlocked Apartment Traits & Objects

This mod unlocks all of the locked lot traits from the City Living expansion pack, allowing you to place them on any lot. It also fixes the broken vent that is supposed to ooze goo puddles, and makes the roach and random smell spawners visible. Roaches can be placed anywhere on a wall, but some objects, such as counters, coffee tables, and desks, may prevent Sims from fixing the roach problem.

All of the gameplay objects associated with the unlocked traits are also unlocked and functional.

The locked traits themselves do not have much gameplay impact, and are not required for the objects to function.

Low Deposit: The upfront cost to buy the lot is lower.
Cheap: The monthly rent or mortgage payments are lower.
Romantic Fireplace: A fireplace is already on the lot, and it gives Sims a flirty moodlet when they use it.
Needs TLC: The lot is in poor condition, and it has some objects that can be placed on it, such as a utility box, water pipes, a vent, a smell, roaches, and a mouse hole.
Historical: There is a plaque on the lot, and it can be customized with nine different swatches.
Great View: The lot has beautiful modern windows with one side being less visible and a deep teal blue color. These windows give Sims a positive moodlet.

Lively Neighbors (apartments only): Increases the chances of neighbor situations happening, such as doors with hearts or swear signs popping up.
Quiet (apartments only): Reduces the chances of neighbor situations happening.
Pricey: Sims living on the lot have a constant positive moodlet.
Serviced Apartment: A maid comes to the lot for free to clean it.

Wall decorations: The objects for the empty lot traits can be found in the wall decorations section of Build Mode.
Windows and fireplace: The windows and fireplace for these traits can be found in their own categories.

Build items do not get deleted if you buy a lot unfurnished.

City Living

Unlocked Apartment Traits & Objects

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