The Terrain Mod

This mod fixes the default terrains in the Sims 4 by adding more textures, depth, feels, contrast, colors.

Enhance Your Sims 4 Experience with Refined Terrains

Upgrade the visual appeal of your Sims 4 worlds with these comprehensive terrain replacements that provide a more realistic and immersive experience.

Grass: Transform those bland grassy areas into lush, inviting meadows.
Sand and Ground: Experience the true grit and texture of sandy beaches and earthy terrains.
Rocks: Enhance the ruggedness and natural beauty of rocky landscapes.
Urban: Revitalize the urban landscape with authentic street textures and eliminate the jarring "vomito-green" hue.

Flowers: Witness the vibrant bloom of flowers in spring.
Dying Grass and Leaves: Admire the changing seasons with autumnal foliage and withered winter grass.
Snow: Experience the enchanting beauty of a snow-covered world.
Expansion Packs

OUTDOOR RETREAT (Granite Falls): Transform your camping adventures with refined textures for natural terrains.

GET TO WORK (Magnolia Promenade): Enhance the urban and natural areas of Magnolia Promenade.

GET TOGETHER (Windenburg): Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Windenburg with improved textures for nature and urban terrains.

VAMPIRES (Forgotten Hollow): Enhance the eerie atmosphere of Forgotten Hollow with refined textures for nature, urban, and seasonal terrains.

CATS AND DOGS (Brindleton Bay): Let your Sims and their furry companions enjoy the upgraded natural and urban terrains of Brindleton Bay.

JUNGLE ADVENTURE (Selvadorada): Explore the lush jungle with realistic textures for natural terrains.

GET FAMOUS (Del Sol Valley): Experience the glamour and comfort of Del Sol Valley with improved natural and urban terrains.

STRANGERVILLE: Uncover the mysteries of Strangerville with refined textures for natural terrains.

ISLAND LIVING (Sulani): Immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of Sulani with enhanced textures for nature, urban, and volcanic terrains.

REALM OF MAGIC (Glimmerbrook): Restore the forgotten village of Glimmerbrook to its former glory with improved textures for nature and urban terrains.

DISCOVER UNIVERSITY (Britechester): Enhance the student experience in Britechester with upgraded natural and urban terrains.

ECO LIFESTYLE (Evergreen Harbor): Create your ecotopia or dystopia with realistic textures for metal, stone, and quarry terrains.

STAR WARS: JOURNET TO BATUU: Experience the Star Wars universe with authentic textures for nature and urban terrains.

SNOWY ESCAPE (Komorebi): Embrace the tranquility of Komorebi with enhanced textures for natural terrains, including sharper rocks and boulders.

COTTAGE LIVING (Henford-on-Bagley): Immerse yourself in the charming English countryside with refined textures for nature and urban terrains.

Base Game

K-505: Base Game - Seasons Terrain Mod
K-505: Expansions Terrain Mod (Take the files for the expansion packs that you have)

Here's How To Properly Install Mods

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