PlantSim Overhaul

INFO: (from the creator's website)
  • Enables infant, toddler, and child PlantSims
  • Fixes the bugginess of toddler and child PlantSim motives
  • Removes Energy motive in addition to Bladder
  • Renames Hunger to “Sunlight”
  • Replaces Water with a new “Water” motive that’s actually a renamed Hygiene and should now work correctly for children and toddlers. This is based on the mermaid version of the Water motive. Note: toddlers’ water need will go down slowly because toddler hygiene goes down slowly without dirty diapers.
  • Gave toddlers water gain from drinking bottles. As a side effect, mermaid toddlers also gain more hydration from drinking bottles.
  • Be warned that this overrides the Hunger and Hygiene motives and will conflict with any other mod that does so.

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