Werewolves Mod

With this mod, your sims will be able to unleash their inner beast to become a fearsome werewolf with supernatural gifts of speed and strength and the not-so-great gifts of shedding and canine breath. 


This mod allows your Sims to uncover the secrets of lycanthropy. They can learn recipes for protection or transformation, and even have epic showdowns or friendly playdates with other lycans or vampires.

Once your Sims embrace their inner beast, they'll gain supernatural gifts such as incredible speed and strength. Nevertheless, they'll also deal with not-so-great stuff like shedding fur and having canine breath!

But don't worry, there's a way to manage it all. Your Sims can learn the Lycanthrope Lore and Lycanthropy skills, which come with special perks to combat those pesky side effects.
But here's a heads-up – think twice before your lycan Sim becomes a parent, because raising little lycan pups can be a handful!

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