This is a collection of mods that require/use the Werewolves Game Pack

(Some features may require certain packs)
This mod overrides all the "male" fingernails to work on any gender with a masc frame. It also includes a couple little override fixes for fem framed nails such as making MWS nails not random and CSW nails not show for the wrong frame.

This mod unlocks CAS categories that were restricted for adults or for an specific occult sim/life estate, for can be used for any type of sim.

Digitigrade Werewolf Legs (Default Replacer)
An attempt to improve the looks of the werewolves by giving them more animalistic legs and paws.  

Extended Muzzle and Mouth Corner Depth Slider
Adds two sliders, help you create more realistic werewolf sims. 

This mod makes it possible for a werewolf to find their fated mate with any sims regardless of their occult type or the lack off.

This lil mod adds a Run Here interaction for Werewolves in their beast form, allowing them to run on all fours even when they’re not rampaging with fury!

(Some features may require certain packs)
This mod makes the cracks and holes in the walls give negative environment and can be repaired after inspecting the damage. 

This is for players who enjoy a harder gameplay experience, or for those who like to kill sims, no judging here! Now your immortal Werewolves can continue to drown or choke on that pufferfish, be wary!

This mod makes fated mate less easy!

Moonwood Collective Tweak
Adds 3 new drinks Vampires can order at the bar

Here's a little mod for your puppies, when they howl transform next to none werewolves, they have any relationship loss while reacting to your wolfy activities.

For people who bought this pack only for the CAS/Build and Buy.

The Howl is replaced with the default Male & Female CAS idle animations.

Vampires love their Werewolves Friends' blood
(Some features may require certain packs)
This mod removes the angry buff when vampires drink their werewolf friends' blood.

Werewolf Fury Enhancer and Reducer Spells
(Some features may require certain packs)
This mod gives your spellcasters the ability to maxify or reduce the fury of a werewolf.

Instantly hide the Furry form of all the werewolves in game on all the outfits.

When you want the scratching, the grooming, the sniffing around, the howling and howling back hidden when your werewolf is in human form.

Werewolves can attack and kill Sims. They only can in wolf form and will fill their hunger. 

Full body werewolf outfit-costume.

This mod gives female werewolves a more feminine shape.

Werewolf in Batuu
As in other occultations, werewolves will not be able to use their abilities in Batuu. Thanks to this mod you can fully play as a werewolf in Batuu and bite Kylo Ren or Rey. 

Werewolrify (Werewolf creation spell)
This mod adds a new "Werewolrify" spell that allows Master Spellcasters to turn human Sims into Werewolves.

Time to howl forlornly at the moon because these poor guys could not earn enough experience to someday become Apexes of their own packs. AROOOO!!

With the Werewolves mod, your sims will be able to unleash their inner beast to become a fearsome werewolf with supernatural gifts of speed and strength and the not-so-great gifts of shedding and canine breath. 

One of the many supernatural traits from the Supernatural Modpack by Snowiii95!

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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