Sim Traits

100 Base Game Traits Pack
When you want more traits for your sims.

Auto Zodiacs
Your sims now have zodiacs! This mods adds the 12 western zodiac signs to the game, and automatically adds them to babies when they are born. The zodiacs also subtly affects your sims personality!

Dale Deaf Trait
Deaf Sims, or Hard of Hearing Sims, cannot hear the rest of the world. This can either slowly happen to them over time, or be something they were born with.

Depressed Trait
This mod makes Sims' lives harder, more realistic; has more big enough impact than the "Gloomy" trait.

DVS (Trigger Warning - Abuse)

Electronica Artist

Once a sim gains this trait, they will have the various interactions from ghosts of all types unlocked, including sims who died fighting the Motherplant, all the emotions, etc. 

This is a really simple mod that adds one trait: insecure. 

Supernatural Modpack
Werewolves, Fairies, Zombies, Fortune Tellers, etc.

LGBT Mod    
The LGBT mod adds many LGBTQ+ gameplay traits to your game which provide new interactions and buffs to create a more in depth experience for your sims. It also adds lot traits, events, and holiday traditions. 

Reaper Trait    
Reapers.. they know when your number is up. These sims are quite similar to their patron, Death. Originally I wanted the grim reaper to join one of my households but when I learned he couldn't woohoo/date/kiss without losing his special effects I was heart broken. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a trait that emulates some of his behaviors.

Romantically Abusive (Trigger Warning!)    


Zodiac Signs    
If you are new to this mod, this mod aims to convert zodiac signs from the sims 2 and make it as good as I can into the Sims 4 without it taking up Trait Slots, these zodiac Signs are in the Rewards Store!

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