This is a collection of mods that can be used on kid sims

Bicycle for kids and toddler
Let kids be kids!

This mod adds more cool things for  your child sims to do!

Child Prodigies Bundle
This mod contains new gameplay elements for children and teen musicians.

Children Call In Sick
Children can call in sick when they're sick!

Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything
This mod enables the ability for toddlers and children to die of anything that teens-adults can.

Cubby House
Here is a functional Cubby House for your toddlers and children base game compatible.

Family and Youth Activities
Sometimes you just need sims to go off, work on skills, and fill some needs while you play with other members of the household. There’s no shame in that!

First Love
When Children have a high build up Friendship (mind. value 75) they’ll find a new Pie Menu on their Target called “First Love”.

This mod will bring more personality to your sims!

Kids Can Clean Bathroom
Now kids sim can clean bathroom stuff like bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet.

Kids can go for a Walk with Dogs
This Mods enables all four Go for a Walk Options with Dogs for Kids. It also builds up Responsibility for Kids/Teens.

Kiddoodle Job Listings
This mod adds a new interaction to the phone's work category called "Kidoodle Job Listings". This interaction opens a custom OddJob menu just for kids! It is filled with different job opportunities that require different skills available to children. 

Mandatory School Uniform
This mod does that your teen and children will now wear uniforms when they leave for school, the same way they do in Snowy Escape. But now they do it in all worlds.

More Best Friends
This tuning Mods lets your Sims have more than one best Friend.

Comes in two styles and is totally base game compatible.

Piggy Bank
Become a responsible simmie by using the In Your Safe piggy banks! This set allows a sim to deposit and withdraw simoleons and comes in three styles. 
The pinata is a children only object. and it comes in 6 different swatches. 

Playground Spring Rider
Functional retro sewing machine for your sims!

Preteen Mod
"Welcome to being a pre-teen! For the next couple of years you're going to be experiencing some changes. Don't worry, it's completely natural, you'll do just fine!"

This mod make your sims can do activity like cooking, garden, spell, exercise, and more. Since the game give seperate gameplay for kids sims.

Rocking Horse
This fully animated functional rocking horse can be used by sims of all ages. Toddler, children, and adult with a childish trait will gain special moodlets after playing. 
It's a seesaw for your child sims! Comes with new sound effects and animations.

Spend Weekend With
Send your Kids away to visit their Grandparents or other Parent. Or send your Teens away to stay with a Friend for the Weekend…

Toy Train Track (Functional)
The toy of a child’s dreams! This toy train set is complete with working wheels and doors! Children love to play with it and it’s also the perfect decor for under a tree!

This trampoline can be used by children and toddlers, it fills their needs for fun and also increase their movement/motor skill ( a good way to farm some skills). 

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