You've probably heard of the Preteen Mod by now as it is spreading like wildfire after its early access was released early this week.

The Sims Community is pretty much so excited for this mod precisely because adding preteens is probably one of the most requested feature in The Sims 4, but sadly, it's one of the many things EA team has not been able to deliver yet.  I have a feeling 'though that now that this mod is out there and is gaining popularity, EA team might just get the inspiration from it for the next pack, better yet, as a base game update add on. I personally would not like for EA to do that just yet so the creator of this mod can enjoy the popularity and gain more Patrons first coz I can already see how much better mods she can create in the future!

The mod was created by ITSKATATO, nickname Kaelah, a lovely 19-year-old simmer and mod creator for The Sims 4. (UPDATE: This mod has been adopted by adeepIndigo)

She started creating mods last May 2 only, and has already captured the attention of the Sims Community.

If my guess is right, she created this Preteen mod in just about a month or less (I've been stalking her Twitter posts since I heard about the mod lol!).

Anyway, let's not waste any more time and dive right into it!  I don't want to make any mistake about the details of this mod so below are screenshots from the mod page of her website.

Now that we have all the details about this mod, it's time to test it in the game!

When you download the mod, you will see 3 folders: Preteen Short, Preteen Normal, and Preteen Long.  As mentioned in the mod description, these are the lifespan options you can choose from, and I chose the short one for testing. Click here if you are new to mods and don't know how to install it.

I created a family of 3: a single mom with 2 kids Kaelah (named after this mod's creator, of course) and Curtis who are twins.

I placed them in Mt. Komorebi coz I wanted the kids to wear uniform when going to school.

Note that the only mods I used here are the Preteen Mod, the required Mood Pack Mod from Lumpinou, and Better Exceptions by Twisted Mexi (just to test the compatibility of both mods with the latest game version). I did add a few skins to achieve the skin color for my sims that I like.

At the start of the game, Kaelah and Curtis are automatically enrolled in Grade School. I need to age them up in order for them to turn into Preteens and enter Middle School, so, I had their mom bake 2 cakes for them.

Aging them up would trigger this pop-up message:

Your preteen would automatically be enrolled in Middle School after that.  
You would also notice a slight difference in your preteen's height compared to a regular adult sim.

I just wish adjusting heights can be manually done in the game for any age without mods coz some animations between sims of different heights can look weird with height sliders, at least, based on my experience. So, I put it to a test with Curtis and his mom hugging, and so far, so good. I will have to test this feature more and will update this review if there's anything notable.

Another effect of the built-in height slider is the shrunk appearance of sims in both CAS and in their game icons. It does quite annoy me but it's a minor thing compared to its benefits.

When you click on your sim's traits panel, you will see a new Preteen Trait.

To remove it, click on your preteen and you will see a new Preteen Menu. Clicking on it will show an option to remove the Preteen trait from your sim.

A Middle School Homework book is also automatically added to your preteen's inventory.

One thing I noticed is when your preteen autonomously does his homework, he would pick the default Homework book instead of the Middle School Homework that came with this mod.

A workaround I found is to delete the default homework and add the Middle School Homework to your sim's favorites in their inventory.

I tested the mod's hygiene system on my preteens and I like the moodlets that it gives except I don't remember being bothered by those stuff in real life when I was a preteen myself. I was pretty much still a kid who doesn't mind getting dirty lol. I only started becoming conscious about the way I smell or look when I became a teenager. But that was in the 80s, so, I guess it was different during my time. Either that, or I was just a slob lol.

This part is what makes it realistic for me even at my age, coz I can't stand the scent of body sprays or perfumes, for that matter. I have asthma and I can only wear light scented colognes.

I like the animation of putting on lotion and that it can be done even while your sim is seated.

So far, these are my observations about the features that I have seen in the mod and tested. While this mod in itself is already a game changer, I am looking forward to more improvements and add ons in the future.

Here are the future plans and packs for this mod:

Overall, I am happy with this mod and it is now officially one of my favorite mods.  I am excited to add this to my Adam and Eve story!

I am really excited about what's to come for this mod and so thankful for its creator for her awesome contribution to The Sims Community as well as for her generosity as she gave me free early access to this awesome mod of hers!

Oh, and did you know that if you are a YouTuber, whether big or small, you, too, can get an early access of this mod for free? Just DM ItsKatato on Twitter!  That's what I did! Be sure to follow her, too, to get an update on her mods!


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