Student Life

This mod adds more after school programs for children and teens which will allow them to participate in more sports and more clubs. Each program will help sims make friends, maintain friendships, build skills, motives, and character values. Your children will also be able to get some or all of their homework done it depends on what program they join.

This mod allows you to have a similar experience to the popular "Among Us" game with your sims. This mod is filled with "Among Us" sound effects from the official game along with interactions and icons.

Bad Grades Are OK
The social worker will no longer take children with bad grades away from their families.

Better Autonomous Homework
A, B and C Students should make their Homework autonomously now. You should still check if they did their Homework in the evening because sometimes they’re still too lazy 😛

Choose Your Classmates
Tired of everchanging classmates? Use this mod to prevent that! 

Choose Your Roommate
Finally my Sim can go to Uni but unfortunately her best Friends cannot. With this Mod her best Friends can be her Roommates and attend Uni too. This will also help you find certain Roommates for your Residential Lots.

Finally my Sim can go to Uni but unfortunately her best Friends cannot. With this Mod her best Friends can be her Roommates and attend Uni too. This will also help you find certain Roommates for your Residential Lots.
Education Allowance Will pay your teen to go to school!

An overhaul of the Education Career and Preschool, Elementary/Middle, and Secondary school in the Sims 4 in general.

Education System Bundle
This mod adds preschool for toddlers it also allows teens and children to build skills while at school and while doing their homework. They will also have more interactions while they are away.

Faster Homework
This mod reduces time spent for doing homework.

This mod reduces credit hours to make the process of study less annoying.

This mod enables the Add To Group interaction while Sims are in school.

Need to generate a graduation photo for a Sim that has a degree? This simple mod will do just that! Requires Discover University Expansion Pack.

Go To School
Join your kid/teen sims when they go to school!

Get Back Your Presentation Board
Did you lose your presentation board? Me too. Now you can get it back by emailing your professor. Click on a computer>University>Email professors about progress...then select the class you lost your presentation board for. You will get a notification about your progress like normal but it will also add another presentation board in your inventory.

This mod makes it possible to have more classmates in high school.

High School Spawner
This mod Fixes an issue that prevented player-made teens from spawning at the active high school, and makes it so that the game is equally likely to spawn teens who are assigned to class 1 and class 2.

Storyline: All they've ever known were each other and now one of them possibly wants to explore other options.

High School Uniform
With this mod, all students will show up in the chosen uniform, including Football team, Computer team and so on. They will change during School Events into their club's uniform, but in the school they will wear the school one.

Home at 2 PM for teens
A mod that makes teens go home at 2 pm to give them time to chill a bit before part time job or afterschool activities.

Less Dorm Roommates
How this mod works is by reducing the amount of beds required in a dorm lot, therefore reducing the amount of roommates you get. The new cap for lot residents is 6, however the bed requirement displays in-game as 4.

Mandatory School Uniform
This mod does that your teen and children will now wear uniforms when they leave for school, the same way they do in Snowy Escape. But now they do it in all worlds.

More Best Friends
This tuning Mods lets your Sims have more than one best Friend.

This mod will increase the number of students in your school, as well as the number of sims during such events as Prom, Graduation and Career Day.

No "Grab Apple" interaction at Lockers!
This is a simple mod to remove that interaction from the lockers in HSY. 

No University Housing Restrictions
This mod removes the ban on stoves and outdoor cooking in University Housing. Now you can cook your own meals all you want!
Online Learning System
Learn up to 41 Skills (incl. Vet & Hidden Skills) online via the Online Learning System (OLS)

Piggy Bank
Become a responsible simmie by using the In Your Safe piggy banks! This set allows a sim to deposit and withdraw simoleons and comes in three styles.

This mod is a revamp of the existing cell phone in the game and some new features as well.

Preteen Mod
"Welcome to being a pre-teen! For the next couple of years you're going to be experiencing some changes. Don't worry, it's completely natural, you'll do just fine!"

Private School Mod Have your sims make a call to set up an interview with the headmaster of the most prestigious private school, Simston! They'll come over for dinner but you will have to convince them that your family is worthy of a such an esteemed education!

Prom Event Have your sims attend a school prom!

Quit or Rejoin School
Child and Teen Sims can choose to Quit or Join school at your whim. Comes with an optional UnlimitedPTO add-on.
Required Degree For Career Promotions With this mod, you will still be able to get into all careers but at some point, the requirements panel will tell you that to advance further, you need a degree.

Roommates With this Mod you can have Roommates who live with you.

School Holidays This Mod adds School Holidays for Kids & Teens.

School Milestones Addon
Now you can send your sims to prom (teens), school dance (child), schedule graduation ceremony with attendees (teens), and it also randomly assigns a school picture day and allows parents to sign up for parent-teacher conferences.
School Uniforms For Any World
This mod removes the world tests so that any child and teen sims can wear uniforms in other worlds. Needs Snowy Escape of course.

Shorter University Degrees
This mod makes university degrees require less credits. Made for people who play shorter lifespans or just can't be arsed to play through 4+ Sim weeks of uni.
Skilled Homework for Teens and Children Mod
Younger sims can gain skills from homework, too.
Skilled PC Mod
This mod adds skills to learn on the computer.

Slice of Life
If you want to add more personality, realism, interactions, social interactions, parties, and more drama to your game.
Social Bunny - No Mean Messages from Parents
This stops adults being able to manual send mean message to teens and the random ones teens receive. 

Social Network Crossover
This mod adds options from the computer that are missing on the phone.

Summer Camps
Here are 11 new summer camp opportunities for your child and teen sims to explore.
Teen Life
Do your teens not have enough personality? Nothing for them to do to express themselves? This mod fixes that and adds lots of new stuff for teens to do!
The Sheldon L Cooper Program
Buckingham High is glad to introduce The Sheldon L. Cooper Program for young Geniuses!
Twerk Mod
Twerk dance animation for your sims.
Two Prom Royalty Mod
This simple mod replaces the Jester with second Prom Royalty.  

Ultrawide Computer - Non Streaming Edition
This mod adds another version of the High School Years computer without a microphone or camera. Now you can enjoy your fabulous pc gaming setup, even if you don't want to be a streamer! 

University Costs More

Urban Social Interactions Provides an enhanced urbanized feel to social interactions for each category.

Venue Changes Custom High School Add On
This mod lets you CHANGE THE LOCATION OF THE HIGH SCHOOL AND AUDITORIUM! In addition, it enables club gatherings on those lot types! 

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
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