Get To Work

This is a collection of mods that require/make use of the Get To Work Expansion Pack. Some of these mods may also require certain packs, so be sure to read the mod description before downloading them.

Advanced Birth Certificate
This small mod changes a few things regarding the Birth Certificate which got added with Get to Work.

Alien Computer
This mod allows you to buy the alien computer normally. 

15 Hour Active Career Day with better Wages
Now you can stay at work for 12-15 hours while still having the option to stay later and the end of the shift.

Active Cosmetology Mod
Hey! Looking for ways to make some Simoleons? Do you love giving people makeovers? Shear Brilliance offers the opportunity for stylists to find clients in a safe way in their community! Sign up for Shear Brilliance today!

Active Daycare Career
Daycare providers care for children in their own homes or daycare facilities while their parents are at work or otherwise engaged during the day. They take care of the child's every need, including playing games with them, feeding them, and providing basic education as requested by parents. Here at Tumbling Tots Co., we train you on how to run your own at-home daycare or work in our learning facility.

Advanced Birth Certificate
This small Mod changes a few things regarding the Birth Certificate which got added with Get to Work.

This mod adds Career with two branches: Production and Acting.

Antique Camera

Better Hospital Staff
Tweaks to the behaviour of hospital co-workers, such as automatic admission of new patients to beds.

Career Overhaul Suite
This mod is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s careers aimed at making career progression more difficult and engaging. This includes a crunch down of all pay rates at lower levels, more exponential pay growth with promotion levels for most careers, a re-thinking of top level pay rates to better align careers with their real life counterparts and game requirements, higher skill requirements across the board, and brand new promotion goals like degrees, friends, and fame level.

Career Socials Unlocked
This Mod unhides the careers interactions from the pie menu that come from being in a certain career.

Cauldron Potion Transmutation

Child Aspirations Set
This set contains 4 different aspirations for your child sims: Perfect Angel, Little Einstein, Delinquent, and Child Star. Each aspiration seeks to utilize interactions added by various packs to give you new goals to accomplish with your sims. Fulfilling these aspirations will provide your sim with a custom reward trait that will boost their skill and career gains, among other benefits. 

Children can call in sick when they're sick!

Clutter Anywhere Part Four - Lamps
Like the other parts of Clutter Anywhere mod it allows the maximal free placement of items - now these are table lamps and also I've added three floor lamps that look pretty good on surfaces. They all are placeable in the small decorative slots of any surface or placed directly on the floor.

Clutter Anywhere Part Five - Plants
This is a fifth part of my Clutter Anywhere mod series, the first (appliances), second (books), third (electronics) and fourth (lamps).

Clutter Anywhere Part Six - Sculptures
You get over 300 edited clutter items that are identified in-game as table or floor sculptures. All of them a placeable into small decorative slots to get the maximal placement freedom. Some huge items you can shrink down to get desired look. 

Customer Carry Bag After Shopping

Decor with a Purpose: Functional Tissue Box
Now when sims are sad they can "Cry it Out" with tissues instead of crawling into bed. Plus, when your sims have a cold or allergies, they can now blow their nose to get a 4 hour "Temporary Relief" buff in an attempt to offset the symptoms they're experiencing (just don't do it too often or you'll make things worse). This will not make them stop being sick, but it will make them feel better for a little while. 

Decor with a Purpose: Useful Hand Soap
The way these objects work is that you just place them near the sink and use the sink as normal. Sims will get a buff just like they do if the sink is upgraded with soap. 

Dental Care
Now your sim can get cavities, have bad breath, need and receive braces, toddlers can teeth and teens can have wisdom teeth extracted, and everyone can enjoy a trip to the dentist (hah)!
Cupcakes from the cupcake machine can be cooked in the oven

Feed Your Pets: Feedable Live Aliens
You can now feed the live aliens.

Let your farm friends roam free-i-e-i-o with Free-Range! Cows and Llamas are finally separated from their Animal Shelter and can roam around like Chickens and Rabbits.

Freelance Chef
A new Freelance career for those who dabble in the culinary arts.

Get To College
GetToCollegeMod introduces a college system to the Sims 4. After your sim becomes a young adult or older, the sim can go to the university using EA’s active career mechanism.

Go To School
Join your kid/teen sims when they go to school!

GTW Health Overhaul
A mod that's not necessarily a comprehensive mental health mod with diagnoses and medications but one that is focused on psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal relationships, specifically relating to familial issues including addiction (found in BD), behavioral issues, marital, parent/guardian, and sibling relationships and issues as well as grief and diagnosis from mine and some other mods.

Have Some Personality Please
This mod will bring more personality to your sims!

Healthcare Redux
This mod brings a more realistic health system to the sims 4 game.

International Relations Career
This career is a semi-active career in that you do have work from home assignments at the base level and then branch specific ones.
This mod doubles the length of sicknesses.

Medicine Cabinet (Functional)

This tuning mod lets you buy more Venues and adds new Venue Types to the Game.

Werewolves get the possibility of being a Dormant Wolf rather than just a regular Werewolf upon birth, so why shouldn't other Occults have something like that?

More Principal Desks for High School
This mod makes all suitable EA desks work as Principal's tables. 

This mod will install a new governor that demands for all small local hospitals to have at least 2 doctors and 4 nurses or orderlies.

This turns some bathroom mirrors and cabinets into storage chests. 

No longer is the Chill Box 9200 a useless end table! Now it can function as a mini fridge as it always should have.

Paranormal Career
This career is a semi-active career with work from home assignments at the base level and then branch specific ones.
Now you can have proper wedding boutiques!

Pregnancy Moods
Add some realism to your game. Pregnancy is not always fine. This mod replaces the trimester moodlet with a custom moodlet.

Private Practice
The goal of this mod pack is to rework the Health system of the Sims 4. Exploring the ability to take care of your Sim's Health all under the same roof if you wish. 
This mod adds realistic childbirth options such as natural delivery and planned C-section.

Realistic Child Birth Twin Animation Update
This is an update to the Realistic Child Birth that adds Twin Animation.

Realistic Child Birth Mod V2b Triplets Update
The Child Birth mod is now in version v2b which added animation for triplets. 

Realistic Child Birth Mod V2c_2 Update
The Child Birth mod is now in version v2c. 

Realistic Kids Mods
This mod make your sims can do activity like cooking, garden, spell, exercise, and more. Since the game give seperate gameplay for kids sims.

Red Apple Net
This mod adds Part-time Active Career in the cybersx company.

This mod brings all the "Ring me Up" customers in one spot... the cash register. And they wait for you there, in line. And even better, you can actually ring them up using the cash register instead of the tablet.

Run for Mayor Aspiration
With this mod you get to fix your polluted, stressful or boring neighborhood that negatively affects job performance, relationship building and your neighbors' posture.

Being a photographer means a keen eye, a flow of inspiration, patience and a creative touch. Your job will be centred around capturing life, whether it be for memories, for advertisements, to conjure emotions or to represent a brand. Do you have what it takes to freeze time and create everlasting images that inspire and move the masses?

Some shelves with books and magazines seem like they should function as bookshelves but don't. Well now they do!

Simnation Travel
Ready to hop of to Mt. Komorebi to test the slopes? Going for a weekend getaway to Granite Falls? Or ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Batuu? Not so fast! Not without a handy license and motor vehicle registration for that car, or a subway pass for the children, or travel reservations and your passport for that international destination.

Stirring the Pot

This mod represents a unique way of life for sims. You can be a teacher, judge, farmer, citizen, IVF worker, doctor, and more in this commune. You can even lead the commune and its finances. 

Time Lords are different from other Aliens under many aspect. They have a superior biology, as such, they don't get tired much. They're a lot more smart, and have a huge skill bonus for all the mental and athletics activities. They're immune to temperature and illness. They're mostly immune to food poisoning (their body is going to remove the intrusion before it gets worse) they are mostly immune to the Mother Plant control in Strangerville. They have Time Sense, a motive that it's used to perform a number of powers, and they're natural telepath. 

Turbo Careers Mod Pack
Turbo Careers turns all closed adult careers into open ones, as well as two of the teen careers (Fast Food and Barista).

Wicked Whims Strip Club
Start a new business of managing a Strip Club! Prepare the stage, hire alluring dancers, turn up the music, and watch the money flow!

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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