Downloadable Saves

These are a collection of Save Files
that you can download and use in your game.
Keep checking back as this list gets updated every now and then.

A basegame compatible TS4 save file.

A blank save you can just plop and start building.

You can now enjoy a new neighborhood in the middle of Newcrest development in Bunni’s Save File.

Discover new and unique families with some hidden secrets (tea time!) and have the freedom to improve or destroy their lives!  

This includes a 15 years later save file which takes all the content up to Tiny Living and ages every household up by 15 years, so you can explore their stories. Each family has been played through and the worlds have been rennovated and regenerated.  

This is one of the most extensive save files that you can find and it has nearly everything you need. 

Save your time and frustration! Use this JQ Basegame Save to start with no custom content and enjoy your own perfect world.  

The aim is to slowly recreate all the pre-made lots in the game in stages as well as giving some townies makeovers.  

This save file contains brand new community and residential lots, reimagined versions of every EA lot, 29 new townie families (all with skills, careers, relationships, & stories). 

Base game worlds made in the Medieval England (11th to 15th century) theme.  

Rebuilt Henford-on-Bagley from the ground up with CC-free medieval builds! 

It is about living life in Sims 4 to the fullest with a diverse and inclusive world. Your characters can live in their own ideal, custom-built home or make it in Sims society. But either way, there is no room for boredom in this save file. 

This save file covers Newcrest, Willow Creek, and Magnolia Promenade. Each world has been renovated and revamped in Jenba's unique style.

Not So Strangerville save file is here, where all the flora strangeness from Strangerville has been removed, leaving it a small, peaceful town perfect for starting any new gameplay.

This includes both unique creations and renovations that add new touches to your save game and fill in all the empty lots.

Simnation Save File
Do you have all of the Content Packs in the game to enrich your experience, but barely uses any of the content at all? Do you feel that Maxis keep introducing new features into the game, but do not expand them across all of the content in the game? (e.g. Lifestyles?) Well Worry no more! If you have all of the content packs in the game (Except Journey to Batuu) and want that type of experience then this save file is for you!

A downloadable save file for The Sims 4 featuring new townies, renovated lots, and updated everything.

Each world has recreations of the original builds in The Sims 2 worlds, as well as townie makeovers to reflect those worlds' stories. 

This save file consists of over 100 pre-made households. You can pick the one you like and create your own story.

This save file contains all 20 custom Disney themed lots and recreations completely tested and updated for the most recent sims 4 patch. Plus 1 bonus lot in Sylvan Glade, 18 custom Disney Sims with their respective pets, skills, jobs, occults, outfits, and more, 11 Disney themed townies designed to fit into Willow Creek.

If you want to feel like a god, this is for you. 

The Super Save is a world build collaboration project by : Aveline, Deesims, DevonBumpkin, DoctorAshley, Elliandra, HeyHarrie, Irrelephantsims, Just Teej, KrystinMyrieXo, LoveSimplySim, Penapple, MsGryphi, Simarchy, Simlicy,,  Simproved, SpringSims, TheTidesChanging & XFreezerBunnyX. The entire worlds of Sulani, Del Sol Valley & Brindleton Bay have been fully renovated, every empty lot is now filled with a brand new build & existing lots bulldozed to make way for new ones. That’s 41 BRAND NEW LOTS & 3 BRAND NEW FAMILIES.  

It’s got everything a player could want and more, from friends and family to new places and things to explore. 

The Timberville Save File is unique because it aims to change the world around you, rather than the lots and Sims.

This Save File is just what the doctor ordered for anyone who loves the Japanese anime aesthetic.

If you're looking to start your game from scratch, maybe even to make your own save file, this will really help.

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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