Cottage Living

This is a collection of mods that require/make use of the Cottage Living Expansion Pack. Some of these mods may also require certain packs, so be sure to read the mod description before downloading them.

Animal Shop
Welcome to "Animal Shop"! Tired of chasing NPC around the forest just to buy some clothing for your dear Llama? Feeling devastated when you find out you have to repeat it again next day because the clothing you want isn't there? Then chase no further!

Canning Jars Hunger Tweak
Canned goods will fill your sims' hunger need better.

Clutter Anywhere Part Two - Miscellaneous
This mod allows you to place every item in any small decorative slot on tables, shelves, hutches, bookcases, dressers, etc. The items remain usable, not just decor, and work good on wall shelves either with no routing errors. 

Clutter Anywhere Part Five - Plants
This is a fifth part of my Clutter Anywhere mod series, the first (appliances), second (books), third (electronics) and fourth (lamps).

Clutter Anywhere Part Six - Sculptures
You get over 300 edited clutter items that are identified in-game as table or floor sculptures. All of them a placeable into small decorative slots to get the maximal placement freedom. Some huge items you can shrink down to get desired look. 
This mod turns the phone booth from decor to functional. Sims can chat, chat with and kids sim love prank at phone booth, but adult sims can prank on phone booth too, if they have goofball and childish trait.

These produce displays are from the Cottage Living EP and are perfect for cluttering up a farmers market or grocery store!
Cross-stitch Requires Wool
Now you are required to have wool in your sim inventory beforehand in order to do crossstitch, counts for kids as well.

Dwarf's Doormat Gift
Giving a present to neighbors under the doormat is inspired by an old Finchwick's tradition. This garden gnome will keep your precious treasure until you return.

Your sim can be agnes Crumplebottom and hit dislike sim with purse also kids sim can hit people with purse.

Fabulous Farmer Aspiration
This is a very small mod that adds one new aspiration to the game: Fabulous Farmer.

Let your farm friends roam free-i-e-i-o with Free-Range! Cows and Llamas are finally separated from their Animal Shelter and can roam around like Chickens and Rabbits.

Freelance Chef
A new Freelance career for those who dabble in the culinary arts.

Sims will no longer automatically brush their cow or llama unless they are actually dirty.

Lunch Box (Functional)

These items are all tables (end table, coffee tables, and TV stands) that can now serve as bookshelves in addition to being a surface. Basically if there is built in book clutter it's now a bookshelf.  

This mod adds slots to bathtubs.

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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