2020 Advent Calendar
The 2020 Advent Calendar came with 25 days of goodies! Lots of fun deco items and a few functional items!
Catas-trophy Deco Awards

This clutter set comes with 3 trophy styles and 5 medal styles – perfect for any simmie kid bedroom.

Clothes Call

Comes with 11 new hanging clothes that are compatible with both EA and my clothing racks! There are two sets of styles – professional adult and everyday kid.
Cookie Jar (Functional)

Cottage Living Produce Clutter    
These produce displays are from the Cottage Living EP and are perfect for cluttering up a farmers market or grocery store!

All the knitting clutter and more! Most items are compatible with the Peg To Differ pegboards. Yarn pieces come individually and as grouped pieces.

Add these cute laundry clutter to your builds!

Base game compatible.

As a quilter you need some sewing tools, like a fabric cutter and mat, thread and a pincushion. Inspiration and patterns you can find in books and magazines and most of all from looking at luscious fabrics and having fabrics as a gift!

Swatching Paint Dry
I absolutely loved this the whole interior designer vibe of the new set! I separated a bunch of the items from the corkboard and clutter so you can make a cute mood board! Place these on the wall or any corkboard!
The Set includes 12 new items all HQ and base game compatible.

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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