ModGuard: Mod Malware Protection

Mod Guard is a security-focused mod designed by one of the most trusted and reliable mod creators for The Sims 4 - TwistedMexi - to protect your game from malicious content hidden within some mods.


Malware Protection: Mod Guard acts as a shield against malicious code that might be embedded in certain mods. It scans for suspicious behaviors that could potentially harm your game or even your computer.
Real-time Monitoring: This mod continuously monitors your game's activity while using mods. If it detects any red flags, it can take steps to prevent potential harm.
Alerting System: If Mod Guard identifies a problematic mod, it will notify you with details about the suspected issue. This allows you to take action, such as removing the mod or reporting it to the creator.
Blocking Functionality: In some cases, Mod Guard might even block the functionality of a suspicious mod to prevent potential damage.


Mod Guard cannot guarantee complete protection against all potential threats. It's still important to download mods from trusted sources and exercise caution.  Install an antivirus software for added protection.  Additionally, there's a slight chance that Mod Guard might flag a harmless mod as suspicious just like any antivirus program. In such cases, investigating further or consulting the mod creator is recommended.

Download it from Patreon or TwistedMexi's official website.

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