How To Transfer Your Saves To A New Computer

So you have a new computer and you want to transfer your user data (game progress) to it from your old computer but don't know how to do it?  Here, let me show you how.

You will need any of the following:

1) A USB/Flash Drive
2) An External Hard Drive
3) A cloud storage like Google Drive or iCloud

Make sure the one you choose has enough space for the data you are transferring or copying onto it.  Here's how to check it:

Right-click on The Sims 4 folder. Look for "Properties".

Click on it and look for the "Size on disk" and take note of the number it shows. It's the storage space that you need to have in the storage device you have chosen.  More space than that, the better.

Now onto the steps for transferring your saves:

1) Say you chose an external hard drive.  Plug it onto your OLD computer where your game user data are stored.

2) Open a new window and go to the following location:

    Documents/Electronic Arts

3) Under the Electronic Arts folder is The Sims 4 folder. This folder contains all your user data.  You can simply copy it entirely (NOTE: This method is for those transferring files between the same Operating System such as Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac, and those transferring data with the same game version) or just choose what you want to transfer, but make sure "saves" and "Tray" folders are included as those contain your game progress (saves) and your sims and builds (Tray).

In this example, I will be copying the entire The Sims 4 folder to demonstrate Windows to Windows file transfer. To do this, right-click on The Sims 4 folder and choose "copy".  Open a new Window and choose/click on the external hard drive. I used the Seagate External Hard Drive in this example. Place them side by side as shown below:

4) Now right-click on the window where you have opened your external hard drive's contents and select "paste".

It may take time for it to finish depending on the size of The Sims 4 folder.

5) Once done, safely remove the external hard drive and plug it onto your NEW computer.

6) On your NEW computer, make sure The Sims 4 is properly installed including any DLCs you may have.

7) Run the game once and then exit your game.

8) Open a window and go to the following location:

    Documents/Electronic Arts

You will find under it The Sims 4 folder.  

9) Plug in your NEW computer the external hard drive where you  have copied your user data from the OLD computer.

10) If it doesn't automatically open in a new window, just go ahead and open a new window and choose the external hard drive.

11) Place the windows side by side as you have done in your OLD computer.

12) Now delete The Sims 4 folder from your NEW computer.

13) Copy The Sims 4 folder from the external hard drive, paste it on the same location in your NEW computer, and wait until it's done.  This is technically the same steps you did earlier, except you are now copying the user data from the external hard drive to your new computer.

That's it! You should now be able to play your saves on your NEW computer!

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