Update 06/13/2023: Quick but important fixes

PC: / Mac:
Console: Version: 1.77

Bug Fixes

Base Game:
Great news for El Capitan and Sierra macOS users – this update restores access to the Gallery, and it's lightning fast! Be sure to give it a try.

For some Simmers on the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, there was an issue where the game would unexpectedly close before reaching the Main Menu if the console wasn't set to offline mode first. This issue has been resolved, and you can now launch The Sims 4 while remaining online.
When you remove an upload from the Gallery, it will no longer remain in your profile if it was part of your Showcase.

In the Gallery, when filtering Households and selecting "Size of 1 Sim," it will now correctly display only Households with a total of 1 Sim, as intended.

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