WickedWhims Inapp Unlock

Turbodriver, the creator of WickedWhims, removed the option for teenage sexual functionalities in the mod.  This add-on unlocks it. 


You need to give the "Post-Puberty" Attribute to your Teen-Sims:
Click on Sim > Wicked... > Personalization... > Wicked Attributes... > Give "Sim-Name" Wicked Attributes > Post-Puberty

To select multiple Sims or even all Teen-Sims at once, use "Give All Sims Wicked Attributes". The selection screen might not show all Teen-Sims selected (if you chose that option), but that's just a visual bug and it should work fine.

For those who are not familiar or have not used this WW Add-on, after installing you also need to enable it in-game:

WickedWhims Settings > Sex Settings > Sex Relationship Settings > Teen Sex Switch

And if you want to enable Adult-Teen Relationships, you need to enable it in the following setting:
WickedWhims Settings > Relationship Settings > Relationship Utilities > Adult-Teen Relationships Switch

Alternatively, you may use Teen-Adult Relationship enabled mod from Set Family Relationships mod

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