Vintage Glamour

This is a collection of mods that require/make use of the Vintage Glamour Expansion Pack. Some of these mods may also require certain packs, so be sure to read the mod description before downloading them.

Adjusts the Behaviour of Butler a bit and let’s you hire more Butler.

Clutter Anywhere Part Six - Sculptures
You get over 300 edited clutter items that are identified in-game as table or floor sculptures. All of them a placeable into small decorative slots to get the maximal placement freedom. Some huge items you can shrink down to get desired look. 

Decor with a Purpose: Books and Magazines as Bookshelves
Now stacked books can function just like bookshelves. Yes, there are already some space saving options like this, but they look so neat and organized. Some people (and sims) are messy. Now you can just have books laying around as decor and pretend to grab from the pile. 

Decor with a Purpose: Functional Makeup Trays
This mod adds functionality to Makeup Trays.  

Decor with a Purpose: Functional Perfume and Cologne
This mod adds functionality to some perfume type objects, allowing sims to use them to gain a small confident or flirty buff.  

Gentle Geoff Lamps Recolored
Gentle Geoffs Lamps recolors in pastel lights and deeper darks.

More Principal Desks for High School
This mod makes all suitable EA desks work as Principal's tables. 

No Butler Idle Pose
Does anyone feel uncomfortable when the butler of sims4 sees a cool pose with his arms on his chest? You can use this mod to get rid of that pose.

Give your teen Sims everything they need to express their individual style with all-new furniture and dรฉcor items. Whether they're "Goth", "Thrasher", or "Socialite", let them deck out their entire lives in three teen themes as unique as they are!

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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