This is a collection of mods that require/make use of the Paranormal Stuff Pack. Some of these mods may also require certain packs, so be sure to read the mod description before downloading them.

Specters are the colourful ghosts from the Paranormal Stuff Pack, that appear at night when the lot type is set to Haunted House. Normally you can't place them yourself, but now you can!

This mod lets you put specters in jars.

Clutter Anywhere Part Six - Sculptures
You get over 300 edited clutter items that are identified in-game as table or floor sculptures. All of them a placeable into small decorative slots to get the maximal placement freedom. Some huge items you can shrink down to get desired look. 

Functional Ouija Board
Tool of the devil? A harmless family game? An Ouija Board is a flat board marked with ancient Simlish runes which allows your Sims to summon spirits and commune with the dead.

This mod focuses on two main aspects: expanding the gameplay focused on the end of the life of your Sims and add more occult gameplay.

Paranormal Career
This career is a semi-active career with work from home assignments at the base level and then branch specific ones.

Spirits, Myths, and Legends Story Interactions
Spirits, Myths, and Legends Story Interactions introduces 11 new interactions for your sims to use! They are creepy and eerie myths and legends from around the world!

With this seance table you can summon spirits, commune with the dead, and more!

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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