Historical Build/Buy Items

This allows fish to sit closer together in display slots.

Set to create functional cemeteries.

Gardening Sign Set
Sign you can label. Has a sign slot to hold small decals.

Grannies Cookbook
Grannies cookbook is a custom food mod that works independently from all other known food mods. It is a book object that can be placed onto your sims lot and you, the player, can interact with the book to bring up a food menu and choose a food or drink for your sims to make.

Adds a new door object called Portal Door Plain. With two or more placed, sims can path through them (regardless of distance, floors, etc.) to get where they need to be faster.

Appliance used to create milled ingredients

Mop to Broom
This mod replaces the in-game mop as to be more appropriate for a historical game.

A re-mesh of the base game tea brewing machine using the cute tea pot set that came with cottage living! 

Ye Old Cookbook Kit
Sims can go hunting and foraging in the forest to gather fresh new ingredients for the abundance of new recipes. There's plenty of game to be caught but also new nuts and a variety of fruits and veggies to be used for homemade meals! But be careful, there's bears in the forest and your sim may come home with more than they bargained for!

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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