Eco Lifestyle

This is a collection of mods that require the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

50% Reduced Salary
(Some features may require certain packs)
This mod simply lowers the career salaries by 50% (including the money bonuses when getting a promotion). 

Career Overhaul Suite
(Some features require certain packs)
This mod is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s careers aimed at making career progression more difficult and engaging. This includes a crunch down of all pay rates at lower levels, more exponential pay growth with promotion levels for most careers, a re-thinking of top level pay rates to better align careers with their real life counterparts and game requirements, higher skill requirements across the board, and brand new promotion goals like degrees, friends, and fame level.

Clutter Anywhere Part Three - Electronics
(Some features require certain packs)
With this mod you can place every surface TV and stereo in any small decorative slot on tables, shelves, hutches, bookcases, dressers, etc. The items remain usable, not just decor, and work good on wall shelves either with no routing errors. Also I've added three floor stereos from basegame that I use shrink to place on surfaces sometimes, a camera from Island Living that has a medium slot placement and few electronic items from debug.

Clutter Anywhere Part Four - Lamps
(Some features require certain packs)
Like the other parts of Clutter Anywhere mod it allows the maximal free placement of items - now these are table lamps and also I've added three floor lamps that look pretty good on surfaces. They all are placeable in the small decorative slots of any surface or placed directly on the floor.

Clutter Anywhere Part Five - Plants
(Some features require certain packs)
This is a fifth part of my Clutter Anywhere mod series, the first (appliances), second (books), third (electronics) and fourth (lamps).

Clutter Anywhere Part Six - Sculptures
(Some features require certain packs)
You get over 300 edited clutter items that are identified in-game as table or floor sculptures. All of them a placeable into small decorative slots to get the maximal placement freedom. Some huge items you can shrink down to get desired look. 

Decor with a Purpose: Clothes and Hampers as Dressers
(Some features may require certain packs)
The pile of clothes is perfect for slob sims and the hampers are good for lazy ones! The folded clothes are useful if you don't have a lot of space but want dresser functionality. 

Now you can name, feed, and talk to frogs!

(Some features may require certain packs)
You can now feed the live aliens.

Healthcare Redux
This mod brings a more realistic health system to the sims 4 game.

(Some features may require certain packs)
These items are all tables (end table, coffee tables, and TV stands) that can now serve as bookshelves in addition to being a surface. Basically if there is built in book clutter it's now a bookshelf.  

No Noisy Neighbors | Thick Walls Apartment Lot Trait   
This mod is a re-imagining of dnmartyn's "Thick Apartment Walls" mod, which has become outdated and has not received an update since 2019. 

Off the Grid TV & Radio
Functional Off-the-grid TV and radio. 

(Some features may require certain packs)
Upgrade your homes with the PlumbBros Central Air Conditioning and Heating System! An alternative to the Thermostat/Temperature system that came with the Seasons EP.

Recycle Anywhere
With this mod, you will be able to recycle at any outdoor trash can! 

Run for Mayor Aspiration
(Some features may require certain packs)
With this mod you get to fix your polluted, stressful or boring neighborhood that negatively affects job performance, relationship building and your neighbors' posture.

Some shelves with books and magazines seem like they should function as bookshelves but don't. Well now they do!

Summer Camps
(Some features may require certain packs)
Here are 11 new summer camp opportunities for your child and teen sims to explore.

Trash Talk Recycler
With this bin you can recycle items just as you could with the ‘Guntdach Home Recycler’.

Water Pump
(Some features may require certain packs)

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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