This is a functional amusement park you can manage and play in The Sims 4. Features include earning money from entrance fees, arcade games, darts, bar, and karaoke. In this tutorial I show you which mods you can use and how to easily build your own. What makes this an incredible amount of fun are the functional rides and games. Extremely realistic with roller coaster, ferris wheel, and merry-go-round. Other functional items include, candy dispensers, cotton candy, and carnival balloon dart game.
Arcade Room Pack

Arcade Skee Ball

Playing with the basketball increase toddler's moment skill. If the toddler's movement skill is below level 3, they wont actually score and will fall over alot.

Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker

Car Track (Functional)
This is a functional car track toy that can be played by up to 2 toddlers are the same time. 

This mod adds more cool things for  your child sims to do!

Claw Machine

Clown In A Box (Functional)
This object can be played by toddlers and children.

Crafting Update (Functional)
This is a functional car track toy that can be played by up to 2 toddlers are the same time.

Cubby House
Here is a functional Cubby House for your toddlers and children base game compatible.

Desktop Computer (Dell/Apple)

Easter Basket with Edible Easter Eggs

This not only replaces that ~massive~ battle station, but adds so many features and is usable by children through elders! Play online, buy swag, use the VoidCritter Go App, & more! See details for full information and feature pack compatibility.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo Switch by LittleDica

Nintendo Switch by Redheadsims

Makeup Kit (Functional)
This Mod adds an Interaction to Marketstalls so Toddler can Order too. It also adds more Food Option.
Mario Kart Vehicle

Comes in two styles and is totally base game compatible.

Piñata (Functional)
The pinata is a children only object. and it comes in 6 different swatches. 

Play Drums Mod

Play With Mirror

Playground Spring Rider
Functional retro sewing machine for your sims!

Ride Mario Kart

Rock-A-Stack (Functional)
This is a toddler only object and it comes in 7 swatches. 

Rocking Horse
This fully animated functional rocking horse can be used by sims of all ages. Toddler, children, and adult with a childish trait will gain special moodlets after playing. 
Salty Loading Screen Tips
Sick of reading the same old loading screens? Salty Loading Screen Tips changes the loading screen messages in the Base Game to something of a more... humorous nature.


It's a seesaw for your child sims! Comes with new sound effects and animations.

Slot Machine
Want your sims rich easy. Ok, using this slot machine and earn some simoleons. 

Smack Gnome From TS3

Toddler Crafting Station (Functional)
There are a total of 5 things they can craft, each is unlocked with a higher level of imagination skill.

Toy Train Track (Functional)
The toy of a child’s dreams! This toy train set is complete with working wheels and doors! Children love to play with it and it’s also the perfect decor for under a tree!

This trampoline can be used by children and toddlers, it fills their needs for fun and also increase their movement/motor skill ( a good way to farm some skills). 

Xylophone (Functional)
Toddler with a thinking skill of 1-2 will play short tunes and are more likely to hit a single note at a time. Toddler with a thinking skill of 3 or higher will play recognizable tunes! 

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