Pets Mods

This module is focused on adding more animal centric gameplay for kids. So far it only enables the ability to walk dogs for children but I have some more plans for the future!

A simple mod to extend the lifespan of animals (Chicken, Cow, Llama, and Wild rabbit).

Animals Live Longer
Doubles the lifespan for animals, maxis life extension makes it even longer. 

This module is focused on adding a new preference category for animals to the game. The preferences come with some gameplay effects that you can learn more about down below.  The preferences are split into addons for each pack so you can pick the packs you have installed.

The Animal Rescue Mod includes a custom career, allowing your sims to become animal rescuers, custom pet stats added to sim stat page, price changes to feeding animals and vetinary treatment and training then placing your pets up for adoption awards your sims with simoleons.

This module is based on the original core idea of the mod to add functional animal shelters to the game.

Welcome to "Animal Shop"! Tired of chasing NPC around the forest just to buy some clothing for your dear Llama? Feeling devastated when you find out you have to repeat it again next day because the clothing you want isn't there? Then chase no further!

In this small birds pack, you can find 3 different bird species divided into 6 different objects.

Have animated reptiles in your game.

Have animated reptiles in your game.

Tripled the maximum attention motive for livestock and chickens, and halved the decay rate.  Lessened the severity of times when their social need does itself a heckin Large Drain (That's when a motive has three red left-facing arrows) so that situations that would normally drain an animal's attention motive a LOT only drains it a little. 

The Decay Rate of Activity is 4x slower than default (default is 6 hrs).

The Decay Rate of Hunger is 4x slower than default (default is 6 hrs).

Cleaning Cows/Llamas is 4x faster and decay Rate of Hygiene is 4x slower than default (default is 6 hrs).

Does your sim have a special love for dogs in particular? Well now they can enroll themselves into a new Career at Brindleton Boarding Kennels!! 

This mod will allow you to ask a pet that is not in your active household to breed with another pet. This will also remove the restriction that stops you from breeding directly after your pets breed.

This small Mod adds a new “Calm Bees” Interaction to the Bee Box.

Cat Whisperer

When you don't have Cottage Living and want to care for chickens.
Update to the Main Chicken Coop Mod.

This will replace the dirt-spotted frog with a  grey chinchilla. You can breed him with frogs or himself to get another  chinchilla.

This small mod should make it more likely to happen, especially for Loyal and Aggressive dogs.

Want dragons in your game? Check this out!

Feed Your Pets: Feedable Fish
(Some features may require certain packs)
Every 8 hours Teen-Elder sims can feed the fish and get a 4 hour happy buff. It also gives a bit of a Responsibility boost.  

Now you can name, feed, and talk to frogs!

You can create a functional aquarium with this mod.

Become a part of the LMS Foster Family Network and take care of Toddler, Children, Teens or Pets who are in need of a Foster Family.

With this mod, foxes don't age.

Pet Bunnies are basically a whole new species of rabbits. They share some behavior and interactions with wild rabbits but come with some new features as well.

Want dragons in your game? Check this out!

You can hire up to two Dog Walker or Dog Jogger.

Hire A Farmhand
The Helping Hands Union is officially open for business! Take advantage of our services by hiring one of our professional farmhands to care for your crops and livestock!

Want horses in your game? Check this out!

Farasi the horse you can ride around and pet!

Kids can go for a Walk with Dogs
This Mods enables all four Go for a Walk Options with Dogs for Kids. It also builds up Responsibility for Kids/Teens.

Sims will no longer automatically brush their cow or llama unless they are actually dirty.

This is just a small little placeholder until we actually get a farming pack!

This Mod should prevent sick, dirty, sad & hungry Pets walking around. finished your laundry? Why not scrub your muddy toddler or dog in the tub next?

This mod is inspired by the sims 2 pet career, I made 5 new rabbit holes for pets.

This mod adds a new trait for pets called "Immortal". It's a pretty simple mod, it just keeps your pets from dying when they have this trait.

This module adds a new domestic rabbit species and rabbit coops to the game. You can purchase pet rabbits and assign them to specific coops. 

This Mod adds Water Bowls for Pets.

Pets to Sims, Sims to Pets Sentiments
This mod includes pets in the sentiments dynamic. 

Not sure why EA made cats and dogs unplayable characters. This mod will make them selectable/playable. They have their own needs and behaviors to choose from. The choices are a bit sparse at the moment, but hopefully, more interactions can be modded in for them.

These will not automatically change as your dog is neutered, becomes pregnant, or gives birth! Since they are technically clothing you will have to change them yourself in CAS!
With this mod, rabbits don't age.

Sentiments For Pets
This mod includes pets in the sentiments dynamic.

The concept is the same as before where the Sim with the Owner trait will receive buff based on if the pet with the Service Animal or Guide Dog trait is near them. However, I have added 2 social interactions.

Custom sims traits for Cats and Dogs

Tired of your pet always asking to play? Always asking for your attention? This is your solution. Inspired by Coolspear's DogBladderDecay. I make it for all pet motives.

Puppies/Kittens can’t use Stairs, so i made an Elevator for them.

This mod enables the Options to train Puppies a few Commands already.

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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