Historical Mods

These are a collection of mods that are useful
for Historical Gameplay

Normally, the "silence" feature on the phone will block the ringing when you get a phone notification, but not much else. This mod blocks the notifications entirely when the phone is silenced.

Keep plants that require constant moisture watered. These have all the major functionality of mud puddles with some added interactions for pets that allow them to play in and drink from them.

Adds a New Holiday Tradition to the Game

This will allow the birth mother to breastfeed their toddler.

A blank save you can just plop and start building.

Complete Cooking Overhaul
This mod changes all EA aspects of cooking to make them feel more realistic and immersive. This mod expands EA recipes, adds custom recipes, and custom ingredients,  and even adds grocery shopping to your game.

Copy Everyday Outfit
This mod lets you copy your everyday outfit to all other outfit slots.

The Cult Mod allows you to start and run your own cult called "Plumbology" (like plumbob and scientology mashed together).  "Plumbology" is built on the idea that sims are living in a simulation and must please "The Player" a.k.a. you, in order to be free. There are 3 member levels/ranks right now (named after crystals since plumbobs are diamonds).

Custom Drink Interactions
These are custom interactions + some extras that are used to make custom Drinks, plus a script that adds the interactions to various bars in game.

Custom Food
These are custom food/menu you can add to your game.

Custom Food Interactions
These are custom interactions + some extras that are used to make custom foods, plus a script that adds the interactions to various stoves and fridges in game.

Cut Down Tree
A cool addition to your historical save.

Eat Raw Fish and CC trait Raw Food Lover

Everyone Can Sleep Together
This mod allows your sims to sleep in a double bed with any other sim (as long as they've greeted them at least once), whether that be your sim's lover, close friend, worst nemesis, or that one sim they introduced themselves to once and then never spoke to again! This works for sims of all ages except toddlers and babies since they can only sleep in toddler beds and bassinets.

This allows fish to sit closer together in display slots.

Foraging Mod
Allows sims to find certain harvestable in landscaping plants. Sims may get good or bad buffs while foraging. Can forage for wood to use with other mods.

Foraging Tradition
Adds a New Holiday Tradition to the Game

Functional Fruit Bowls
Adds six fruit bowls (Maxis Meshes) that allow you to buy and store fruit.

Set to create functional cemeteries.

Your sim can go to church and join religions!

Grannies Cookbook
Grannies cookbook is a custom food mod that works independently from all other known food mods. It is a book object that can be placed onto your sims lot and you, the player, can interact with the book to bring up a food menu and choose a food or drink for your sims to make.

Allows you to customize a sim's waking routine, including order and actions. Possible priorities are: Bladder, Hygiene, Brush Teeth, Hunger, and Do Homework.

Many harvestable to add to your game.

Homesteading Aspiration
Is your sim tired of spending money on groceries? Do they want to eat healthier? Do they have a lot of free time? Well, then this is the aspiration for them!

Some inventory objects will no longer share their inventory with objects of the same type.

Adds a new door object called Portal Door Plain. With two or more placed, sims can path through them (regardless of distance, floors, etc.) to get where they need to be faster.

MC Command Center
MC Command Center is one of the most popular mods in The Sims 4, created by Deaderpool. It has an abundance of options in the form of multiple modules that tackle different functionalities: adjusting household bills, household count, pregnancies, and even creating story progression-style mechanics.

Medieval Interactions
With Medieval Interactions, you can discuss subjects that were more common for medieval times (although some of them are probably used today as well) and like this, you can feel like you are back in time for real.

Appliance used to create milled ingredients.

Nap on the Ground
Can click on yourself and Nap or Sleep. Works like other Nap/Sleep, except you can do it anywhere and just Nap/Sleep on the ground. Teen or older can use it.

Are you also bothered by the frequent phone invitations that the sims receive, especially if you have "Get Together" expansion pack? With this simple mod you will not longer receive any kind of phone invitations.

A re-mesh of the base game tea brewing machine using the cute tea pot set that came with cottage living! 

The main task of the mod is to prevent generation of a new NPC, forcing the game for various roles and careers (maid, postman, etc.) to use existing Sims.

Wanting to play a time period before Phones, or just tired of seeing your Sims on them all the time? This mod replaces Phone animations with the listening animation.

Plain Table Settings
Adds new set of place settings to all dining tables.

Preserving Mod
Provides the base, and is required, for any preserving recipes. Adds new objects to the game to help facilitate preserving food items.

Produce Stand Yard Sale Tables
Adds new Yard Sale Tables

A mod that adds psychic and medium services, the ability to become a Psychic and learn the Psychic Skill, for Sims to connect with ghosts and the Great Beyonds…

Quit or Rejoin School
Child and Teen Sims can choose to Quit or Join school at your whim. Comes with an optional UnlimitedPTO add-on.

A mod that adds Ramadan to the game.

A mod that adds humorous made-up religions to the game.

This is a mod that simulates Regency-era social dynamics and introduces new historical gameplay options.  Taking inspiration from the popular Bridgerton Netflix series, your Sims can rise in social class, host balls, manage large estates, endure or evade scandals, and even appear in Lady Whistledown’s gossip papers.

A mod that adds religions from The Sims Medieval.

Retail Produce Stands
Owner Sims can store and sell produce from it's inventory. Non-Owner Sims can purchase stored produce from it's inventory. Custom animations for shoppers.

Royal Family Mod
Now you can turn your sims into royalty!

A Sims 4 mod designed with royal legacy players in mind.

This mod overhauls how the game chooses what sims to spawn in many situations.

Stockable Crates & Barrel
Can store produce and fish (with additional mod) inside and display in slots. Sims can 'Stock'items from inventory to surface slots. Sims can 'Take All' items from the basket. Sims can 'Clear Surface' to remove any items in slots.

Stockable Produce Displays
Can store produce inside and display in slots. Is portable and can be put into Sim's inventory. Sims can 'Stock' produce from inventory to surface slots. Sims can 'Take All' items from the basket. Sims can 'Clear Surface' to take items from slots.

Store Your Seed Jars
Can store seeds jars & fertilizer to be stored in both storage chests & dorm storage chests. Can store seed jars & fertilizer in craft sales table (yard sale table) as well.

Bring some extra fun to the Medieval times in Sims 4. It’s a minor mod that makes it look like your sims are practicing sword fighting while they build up their stamina. ~ historicalsimslife

This will open all romantic interactions including mess around for teens and adults to do together.

Provides a place to access my custom recipes. Organizes EA recipes into categories.  Adds option to 'Cook Together' for my custom recipes. Adds cooking by Category, Culture, Special Diets, and Seasons. Adds options for Canning, Ingredients, Cheeses, Drinks, and Animal Food. Unlocks any locked EA recipes.

A world decluttering mod.

Water Pump

Wood Pile Storage
Functions like a chest to store your foraged wood.

Woodworking with Ingredients
This includes some changes to the woodworking table menus to make them more organized and easier to see. Some crafting ingredients like wood logs and twigs have been moved to this mod and a bunch of new ones have been added like nails and wood planks.

Woodworking Uses Wood
Adds optional ingredients to all of the woodworking recipes.

Write with Quills (Override)
This mod overrides the pencil mesh with a quill! It works for children, teens, and adults.

Sims can go hunting and foraging in the forest to gather fresh new ingredients for the abundance of new recipes. There's plenty of game to be caught but also new nuts and a variety of fruits and veggies to be used for homemade meals! But be careful, there's bears in the forest and your sim may come home with more than they bargained for!

These are a collection of my personal favorites.
Keep checking back as I update this collection whenever I come across something I like.
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