Gameplay Tools

Add Custom Music To Your Game
Did you know that you can add custom music in your game?

After Death Helper
A simple mod that adds interactions to the game to bring dead sims back to life with ease.

All Scenarios Unlocked!
Access EA Scenarios whenever you want!

Alter Initial Funds
This mod will make your newly started games either easier or more difficult depending on which flavor of the mod you choose.

Assorted String Overrides for the New Pronouns Update

Minor fixes for the new pronouns update.
This mod makes any Sim that is created as a Teen in CAS, or ages up to a Teen through normal gameplay will automatically be shorter than Adult Sims.
This Mod will let you “upgrade” your Thermostat to an automatic Thermostat!

Autonomous Upgrade of Objects When Focused
This mod overrides the interaction for upgrading objects which makes all those interactions autonomous.

Better Build/Buy
Brings huge improvements like no-CC Organized Debug, better kit filters, and a new build mode light editor.

Lots of mods but you don't know what's causing issues in your game? Try Better Exceptions! It will scan your game for broken, outdated, or duplicate mods and give you a full report with recommendations on how to fix them.

Better Maps
Improved appearance of world maps.

This mod changes seasonal parameters such as flower growth, color shift, and leaf accumulation to better match the temperature and seasonal changes in that world.

The mod allows you to brew all maxis tea on a stove, compatible off the grid and simple living.

A blank save you can just plop and start building.

Bust The Dust Tweaks
This mod does two things, which makes the Bust the Dust kit much more playable. 

This Mod adds Interactions to Beds which lets you buy better Mattresses.

Campfires and bonfires anywhere.

Can I Come Over?
Want to visit a Friend but you can’t remember where they lived? Too lazy to search all Worlds for their Lot? Send them a Text and you may will get a text back to go and visit them with just a click.

Cancel Culture
This mod will give your Sims the privilege and duty to fight for Social Justice online!
Canned goods will fill your sims' hunger need better.

Carl's Fertilize and Evolve All Mod
Fertilizing in Sims 4 is a big pain. You cannot queue unless you use different items, and you've still got to go into the picker every single time. Pick the same item and watch as your queue is killed. Fertilize all will fix this.

Carl's Get Famous Paparazzi Restraining Orders

Do you hate Paparazzi and their bad behavior? Consider grabbing this little quickie that should disable them on all lots except those with Up an Coming Hotspot or Hottest Place in Town. 

Carl's Gameplay Overhaul Mod
Formerly known as Carl's Difficulty Mod, the heavily updated Gameplay Overhaul mod evolved to the point it needed a name change. It seeks to alter how things work on a fundamental level with many systems and add depth where there was none. It also improves various features to make them more enticing.

This mod overrides all the "male" fingernails to work on any gender with a masc frame. It also includes a couple little override fixes for fem framed nails such as making MWS nails not random and CSW nails not show for the wrong frame.

Immersive lighting, CAS backgrounds, Eye spec Remover for Pets

Chat Greeting Tweaks
Want to visit a Friend but you can’t remember where they lived? Too lazy to search all Worlds for their Lot? Send them a Text and you may will get a text back to go and visit them with just a click.

Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything
This mod enables the ability for toddlers and children to die of anything that teens-adults can.

Choose Who You Call To Meal
This tuning mod lets you choose who you want to call to Meal and if you want to eat too or not.

Clutter Anywhere Part One - Appliances
This mod allows to place all small appliances on any surface and they remain usable, not just decor. But I wanted to add the maximal placement variety so all items now fit into the small deco slots of end, dining, coffee tables, hutches and can be placed directly on floor.

Clutter Anywhere Part Two - Miscellaneous
This mod allows you to place every item in any small decorative slot on tables, shelves, hutches, bookcases, dressers, etc. The items remain usable, not just decor, and work good on wall shelves either with no routing errors. 

Clutter Anywhere Part Three - Electronics
With this mod you can place every surface TV and stereo in any small decorative slot on tables, shelves, hutches, bookcases, dressers, etc. The items remain usable, not just decor, and work good on wall shelves either with no routing errors. Also I've added three floor stereos from basegame that I use shrink to place on surfaces sometimes, a camera from Island Living that has a medium slot placement and few electronic items from debug.

Clutter Anywhere Part Four - Lamps
Like the other parts of Clutter Anywhere mod it allows the maximal free placement of items - now these are table lamps and also I've added three floor lamps that look pretty good on surfaces. They all are placeable in the small decorative slots of any surface or placed directly on the floor.

Clutter Anywhere Part Five - Plants
This is a fifth part of my Clutter Anywhere mod series, the first (appliances), second (books), third (electronics) and fourth (lamps).

Clutter Anywhere Part Six - Sculptures
You get over 300 edited clutter items that are identified in-game as table or floor sculptures. All of them a placeable into small decorative slots to get the maximal placement freedom. Some huge items you can shrink down to get desired look. 

Color Sliders for Hair and Clothes - v1o
The color wheel mod allows the color sliders currently locked for makeup and skin for use with clothes and hair.

Contextual Social Interactions
The point of this mod is to:
A. Offer interactions dependent on special events, and;
B. Have said special events affect other Sims if they're told about them.

Copy / Create New Worlds
This mod allows you to quickly copy the current world using a cheat.

Cottage Living Produce Clutter    
These produce displays are from the Cottage Living EP and are perfect for cluttering up a farmers market or grocery store!

Crossstitch Requires Wool    
Now you are required to have wool in your sim inventory beforehand in order to do crossstitch, counts for kids as well.

Custom Drink Interactions
These are custom interactions + some extras that are used to make custom Drinks, plus a script that adds the interactions to various bars in game.

Custom Food Interactions
These are custom interactions + some extras that are used to make custom foods, plus a script that adds the interactions to various stoves and fridges in game.

Custom Likes and Dislikes
Two custom Likes & Dislikes: One is for the Homework (all school levels) and the other is for Soccer (requires Discover University).

A Base Game Compatible mod which adds a new emotional death: Death By Fright.

Default Easel Paintings
A compilation of all the replacement files for painting categories (Classic, Abstract, Emotional, Impressionist, Pop Art, Surrealism), as well as the addition of the final category Realism and the Focus category to the Emotional paintings. These files will replace all the paintings in the that sims create on the easel.

Dine Out Reloaded
This mod makes Dine Out feel like an actually decent Game Pack instead of a buggy mess!

Don't Do That!
A collection of random mods to stop sims from autonomously doing annoying things.

This mod allows you to set individual sinks on any lot to enable or disable dish washing at that sink. Since it uses a script to setup the object states for the sinks, it should be compatible with any sinks in the game.

Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits
This Mod adds six new custom Lot Traits to the Game which lets you customize every Lot what Sims should wear.

Dwarf's Doormat Gift
Giving a present to neighbors under the doormat is inspired by an old Finchwick's tradition. This garden gnome will keep your precious treasure until you return.

If your favorite sim dies, and Grim Reaper doesn't hear your plea, this could be the easiest way to resurrect them.

With this mod, Sims' moods will have inertia. Moods become more resistant to change, and can last beyond the original moodlets that caused them. It can now take a sustained effort and multiple points of another emotion to change their mood.

Your sim can be agnes Crumplebottom and hit dislike sim with purse also kids sim can hit people with purse.

Everyone Can Sleep Together
This mod allows your sims to sleep in a double bed with any other sim (as long as they've greeted them at least once), whether that be your sim's lover, close friend, worst nemesis, or that one sim they introduced themselves to once and then never spoke to again! This works for sims of all ages except toddlers and babies since they can only sleep in toddler beds and bassinets.

This mod allows you to expand the BuildBuy catalog. 

Experiences Mod Pack
Its main feature is that when Sims are in a certain emotion, they will build a “skill” based on that emotion, which enables Sims to randomly gain a Moodlet based on their past experiences. This means that what your Sims do will have a greater effect on their future. There are also other features related to a Sim’s past and the condition they’re in.

This mod allows your sims to leave the lot through rabbit hole places and return with buffs, motive increases, skill increases, relationship increases, etc.. You can also shop for clothing, do part-time work, gamble your money away, get your nails done, visit the hospital, and more! 

Been burned too many times by townie fashion? Take control of the threads around your hoods by instituting uniforms! Assign outfits based on Body Frame (Adult/Child), and Fashion Preference (Masculine/Feminine) then restrict by Situation Jobs or Careers, and limit to specific Regions.

This Mod speeds up your sim's eating and drinking.

This mod is for Machinima creators to utilize a few of the animations in the fight interaction without having a giant smoke cloud in the way.

This Mod lets your sim have first impressions of other sims.

This mod is a bundle of tweaks and options for you to control the fat and muscle changes of your sims. 

This is a new experimental fix that Pancake put together to solve the Build Mode lag.

These are two tools to fix sliders, alpha hairs, and skin details/overlays broken by the June 2022 werewolf patch.

This mod fixes the lines along the neck with this dress from the Luxury Party (SP01) stuff pack.

Order more Food than just Pizza…

With this Mod you can Force Sims to Leave.

This mod enables the Add To Group interaction while Sims are in school.

Ever wanted to have a community lot with both a bar and a food stall? Ever lovingly made a community lot with that in mind only to be disappointed when your sims get there and have to pay for things to be manned? No more! With this mod, you can click on a bar and simply summon the NPC by selecting "Hire ___" on the object, now at no cost to your sim.

Freeze Flame – Toilet Fire Prevention 
Just place either the plunger or fire extinguisher anywhere on your lot to prevent toilet fires!

A cheat mod that allows you to manually add more than 8 sims to a household.

Functional Elevators
Here is a mod for functional elevators.  Check out the step-by-step tutorial here on how to use it.

This override allows you to recover gallery lots with mannequins that cause the game to crash. Please read all the instructions below in the details section for how to use! This is a *temporary* tool and must be used in a certain way.

This Mod adds a custom Lot Trait to the Game which let’s you control who is allowed to enter the Lot.

Ghibli clouds (Default Replacement)
Default replacement to make all the clouds in your game into the cute, fluffy style of Studio Ghibli movies.

Ghibli clouds in Henford-on-Bagley
An override of the clouds in Henford-on-Bagley, inspired by the fluffy clouds of Ghibli movies.

Ghost Stay White
This mod enables the ability for toddlers and children to die of anything that teens-adults can.

This object override will eradicate flour with gluten from your game and let your sims lead happy lives. 

This mod will bring more personality to your sims!

Introducing the wonders of health insurance, prenatal care, preventative healthcare, chronic conditions, allergies, new illnesses and injuries, and above all some consequences. 

This Mod adds a new Interaction to Fridges “Healthy Drink”.

A cheat mod that allows you to manually add more than 8 sims to a household.

This is a height slider based on simmythesim first height slider. Only thing new is that the animation is no longer as funny looking.

A definitive CAS height slider, plus more!

Hidden TV Channels
Want the heat of a fireplace but lack the space for it? Want to make your alien sims feel more at home without having to go through the scientist career?  Look no further than your own TV! Wait, you say you can't view these channels? No more, now you too can enjoy extraterrestrial entertainment (and more) even on your crappy penguin-shaped television!

This mod makes it possible to have more classmates in high school.

Hike and Carry Toddlers
Re-enables the ability to hike while carrying toddlers that was removed with patch

This mod introduces mundane objects and activities into the Sims 4 that make Sim Life that much more realistic in Earthly terms. 
(Some features may require certain packs)
This mod makes the cracks and holes in the walls give negative environment and can be repaired after inspecting the damage. 

Some features of The Sims 4 can be a pain, so, simmers cheat in order to change things in their game.

This is a short guide on how to locate your dead sim who died somewhere while you're playing other sims.

If the old method of creating a symbolic link no longer works for you, there's another way to move your game to another hard drive.  

When Origin acts up or when your internet connection is crappy, one way to run The Sims 4 is by going offline in Origin.

Ever been annoyed by the umbrella autonomy the game comes with? Your Sim whipping out their umbrella every time there's so much as a light drizzle even though you never assigned them one? Worry no more, here's the solution!

This mod aims to improve the weather of all seasons for all worlds by changing the type of weather and temperature that can occur in each season (early, mid, and, late). It also alters the weight of all the various weather and temperature for each seasons so certain weathers are more likely to appear on some seasons, and other weathers won't appear at all.

This is a simple mod that allows you to Disable/Enable autonomy for your household sims or NPC sims with a few clicks.

Tired of missing out on the Island events because no one called you? Now you'll get notifications when Island events start.

Added the condition that if you recently had a first kiss or woohoo with someone, they will react.

This is a complete rework of how the careers are handled in game.

This adds an interaction to the ground that allows your sims to kneel anywhere by selecting "Kneel Here".

Replaced all the movies from Movie Hangout Stuff with clips from some Korean movies.

A world where everyone speaks the same language is unrealistic. This mod adds new languages to the Sims universe, which introduces a unique challenge to the game.

Sims will no longer automatically brush their cow or llama unless they are actually dirty.

This mod fixes the issue where your sims would frequently brush / pick off the lint on their clothing.

This mod removes 44 (!) 'useless' (in my view) interactions from being visible in the "Friendly" menu. 

generate an entire family tree based on your sim's genetics with one click!

A mod that lets you adjust the shape of your sim's lips.

This mod doubles the length of sicknesses.

A mod that offers various world-based and Sim-based cheat commands. Handles some basic cleaning-the-game options. Getting rid of homeless ghosts, syncing married Sim names, removing undesired outfit categories from outfits, etc.

The Tuner module allows changing the way interactions behave.

Meaningful Stories is a mod pack that redesigns the mood and emotions system of The Sims 4. This collection of changes big and small aims to allow your sims to feel more human, to make the events in their lives feel more meaningful, and to turn managing their lives into a more interesting challenge.

This mod replaces the in-game mop as to be more appropriate for a historical game.

This Mod adds new Away Actions to Sims that are left at Home.

This tuning mod lets you buy more Venues and adds new Venue Types to the Game.

With this Mod you’ll have more columns in CAS.

With this Mod you’ll have more Servings Options for all Experimental Food Recipes.

This mod replaces the original HUG animation with EMBRACE animation. You may now embrace your spouse. 

This mod increases the number of Neighborhood Stories notifications from 1 to 10, 25, and 50.

This Mod adds 4 & 8 Servings Options to the Seafood Recipes.

This Mod makes it possible to add more sims in the world.

This mod will install a new governor that demands for all small local hospitals to have at least 2 doctors and 4 nurses or orderlies.

Now your sims can have up to five different traits with absolute ease, giving your sims the possibility to have more depth and personality than before. With this mod, your sim can be a loner, clumsy, a dog lover and vegetarian! Never again will you have to watch your supposedly vegetarian sim happily eat a hamburger again just so he could be a music lover instead. The combinations are endless, at least if you don't do the math on that!

Stop sims from complaining about rubbish around and broken/burnt stuff, often after being the ones who caused the mess on purpose. 

This Mod prevents Sims from taking a Plate right after Cooking. There are two Versions of this Mod.

This Mod blocks sims from autonomously showering in the rain unless they are on a residential or tiny home lot. 

This mod will prevent your Sim from constantly molding clay.

This mod stops the children and teens from autonomously asking for advice for the adults. They will not do this autonomously anymore but you can now user directed. 

If the backsplash on counters triggers your OC side, this one's for you.

Gets rid of the blue tint in dark lighting conditions.

Removes the censor / mosaic tiles that appear while doing certain things like using the bathroom.

No Constant Phone
This Mod disables phone use when routing, chatting, and watching.

This mod disables culling.

This override lets you place the curtains wherever your simmie heart desires without them snapping to the windows!

This mod forces the game to load all NPC Sims during the loading screen so that by the time your Sim arrives, there are already a lot of Sims inside the lot.

A mod that will make everything in your game not fade.

Removes the blu-ish lighting and halo effect on Sims.

This mod changes the animations for the happy mood to the same of the fine mood (sims will not be constantly smiling when happy) the ones of the flirty mood with the ones of confident and the ones of the inspired mood with the ones on energized. 

No Housefire 
 This should also prevent the dumb fire dance when you come in to contact with fires outside of your sims homes.

This mod changes the way townies are named if you have City Living, Island Living or Snowy Escape. With this mod, the names for townies will now come from the list of names from before the pack(s) were installed, so no more such names for your townies in other worlds! 

So... if you don't clean up your Lint Tray, your Sim catches on fire but... NOW IT'S OVER!

This mod removes the mosaic / censor grid that appears over your Sim when doing certain actions.

For when you want to get rid of a sim...

No Noisy Neighbors | Thick Walls Apartment Lot Trait   
This mod is a re-imagining of dnmartyn's "Thick Apartment Walls" mod, which has become outdated and has not received an update since 2019. 

Sims will not change Clothes with these Traits or Lot Trait

Stops the random assignation of preferences to NPCs

This is basically the same as townie overhaul, the concept is exactly  the same, except this one is easier to manage.

Don’t pay when you are invited to the Restaurant (Dine Out needed)

This little tuning Mods attemps to get Friends instead of Strangers knocking at your Door. Mod Idea/Request by verityjones (on MTS).

No Tune After Loading
Hate the Ta-Da-Daa Ta-Da-Daa Ta-Da Ta-Taa Da-Da-Daaaa tune after loading the game? Heard it so many times it makes you sick? How about the tune after traveling to another location? The No Tune After Loading mod removes both of these tunes from the game so you don't have to hear them again.

The main task of the mod is to prevent generation of a new NPC, forcing the game for various roles and careers (maid, postman, etc.) to use existing Sims.

With this mod, NPCs can only pick NPCs for autonomous chat, and selectable sims can only pick selectable sims.

Parties, Clubs, and Weddings Anywhere Mod
This mod allows your sims to have parties, clubs, and weddings anywhere! Including generic venues. This gives you more freedom in creating parties, clubs, and wedding ceremonies for pictures, interactions and more! 

96 recolors of world objects and plants

160 recolors of buildings, cars, trees & more for The Sims 4

Simple pay 150 Simoleons to travel from the phone (calling a taxi, like), the payment is not shown in the UI but 150 Simoleons are detracted at the end of the interaction whenever you select the option, even if you cancel it later. Includes Asking for Dates.

Set a Computer and more to your personal Object and no other Sim is allowed to use it!

Phone Animation For Teens Only!
This mod disables the animation for all age groups other than teens; with this installed, only the teens will use the phone animations when walking.

Increases or decreases the visible range of attainable Sim body shapes, fit or bony, fat or lean.

Pay 250 to plan outfits from the closet, mirror, tent, vanity table etc.

Organize, keep hungry hands off of, and preserve animal products.

This mod provides dozens of new preferences (hobbies, interests, venues, outfits, personal, food types, drinks and flavors). These new preference traits can be added in CAS using the new likes/dislikes system. Preferences have a variety of gameplay effects including autonomy changes, whims, social interactions, computer interactions and moodlets.

Now all flowers have a much cheaper/realistic price.

This mod removes the forced outfit changing when in sleepwear.

You can quickly change you sim outfit from the new "Quick Outfits" menu.

Use this tool to select random Sims 4 packs for various challenges.

Random Trait Generator
Use this tool to generate random Sims 4 traits and aspirations for adults, teens, children and toddlers.

Realistic TV Channels
Add some realism to your game with these TV channel overrides.

Recycle Anywhere
With this mod, you will be able to recycle at any outdoor trash can! 

The shelf is nice and chunky and also sticks out just a little further than a counter, making it easy to move it around and to select it to change the swatch from red to invisible.

Young adults & adults can reminisce as well!

This mod remove dust/cloud effect when sim and vampire sim fighting.

Tired of random sims bothering your active sim while they are on a date or with their friends? Now you can just kick them out of the convo with Remove Sims From Conversations!

The retail therapy mod comes with a huge variety of objects that allow you to purchase items from. This includes medicine, upgrade parts, books, etc.

Your sims can now ride cars!

This mod brings all the "Ring me Up" customers in one spot... the cash register. And they wait for you there, in line. And even better, you can actually ring them up using the cash register instead of the tablet.

Saleabration Retail System
The Saleabration Retail System gives you full control of selling, buying, and creating your very own store! Create a store on *any* lot, set *any* object for sale, adjust prices, earn simoleons, and so much more. You can actively manage a store to earn simoleons or set up an un-owned lot for your sim to travel to as they please.

A very simple mod that allows you to pick between 3 options "Fastest" (10% Speed), "Medium"(30% Speed) and "Slowest" (50% Speed) to speed up the washing of clothes.

Explore secret lots!

This mod allows you to sell entire household inventory in one command.

You can set the table with almost all the drinks in game.

Sexytime Network
The Sexytime Network replaces the Action Channel.

Shiftable Bookcases
The only change of EA original objects is posibility to adjust their placement on the wall.

Shop Chef Ingredients
This min-mod allows you to purchase ingredients such as fish, fruit, and vegetables from themed objects.

Shop Chef Consummables
The ‘Shop Chef’ series is a collection of mini-mods that produce consumable, ready-to-eat food and drinks. Each of the objects allow your sim to purchase items without having to make them!

This mod overhauls how the game chooses what sims to spawn in many situations.

The Sims 4 Simology Mod Pack allows you to define your Sims in greater detail by assigning emotions that they’ll gain from performing certain activities, as well as a few other features.

Sims Delivery Express (SDX) Items Recategorised
Updated the tags on each CAS and Build/Buy item to easily locate them.

Skilled Homework for Teens and Children Mod
Younger sims can gain skills from homework, too.

Skilled PC Mod
This mod adds skills to learn on the computer.

This tuning Mods prevents a Sim from waking up because their Energy need is full.

This mod will make all Needs decay 20%, 50%, 70%, 90% slower or never decay.

This mod increases the escape time in case of a meteorite fall from 20 to 60 minutes.

Slower Stories 
Lets you customize the pace of the new Story Progression system in The Sims 4.

With this mod you will be able to buy your favorite food in the comfort of your sims own home.

This is an override mod that stops your sims from playing the idle animations while you create or edit them in CAS.

This mod changes the conditions for autonomous flirting. 

Stop the Phone addiction!
This Mod stops idle animations including phone addiction.

This is just a small mod that removes the ability for sims to autonomously mold clay!

A mod that replaces the default Goth family with a modified more nostalgic one, closer to their looks in The Sims 1 & The Sims 2.

A world decluttering mod.

The Simpsons Custom TV Channel
Have your sim watch the complete episode of The Simpsons! 

TOOL v2.3 brings a new feature called Rotate Around Center. It's a toggle in the rotate dialog that lets you choose whether group rotation will rotate all objects around their own axis, or around the group's center.

This Mod lets you move harvested plants into the Fridge with one Interaction.

This mod enables the UI cheats extension and allows you to use various cheats by directly clicking on the user interface, as opposed to typing a command. 

This little tuning Mod adds a SimPicker to the Unlock Door Pie Menu.

With this mod, you'll see only residents around in residential neighbourhood, less sims from other world in general in venues too, the game will always try to pick residents first.

The Weather Realism Overhaul changes the way the game handles weather events and forecasts to make weather more realistic. 

This “little Tool” can help you find Sims/Pets on the Lot or outside.

Build Elevators everywhere instead of Stairs.

This mod will allow you to create your own surroundings around you and modify the environment to your taste. 

This mod allows you to rename all of the EA worlds to your own custom names. 

The XML Injector for The Sims 4 is a mod library to allow mods that would normally require a script for simple changes to instead use a custom snippet. The library provides the scripting, and the modder can release their mod without having to concern themselves with writing, compiling and maintaining a script. 

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