Game's gone boring for you? Try these Sims 4 Challenges! 

The Last Survivors Challenge
You are a child from StrangerVille (You don't need the StrangerVille pack or any pack at all to play this...just for backstory purposes) who survived a pandemic alone. Your parents are both in the military and were ordered by the government to move to a bunk house in SimanityVille (formerly Oasis Springs) after a failed attempt to defeat the origin of an unknown illness - the mother plant.  After having been exposed to the mother plant, they both die from the unknown illness that poisoned their bloodstream leaving you alone to look after yourself.

After three years of being stuck in your bunker, your supplies are now depleted which forces you to come out and scavenge for food.  You must survive on your own until you meet another survivor who will be your companion and partner in rebuilding Simanity.

Your objective for this challenge is to give birth to 100 children in as few generations as possible. The challenge ends as soon as the 100th child is born or if you fail the challenge for breaking rules.

Do you like the rainbow? Do you like the idea of playing with berry Sims but hate berry Sims? Do you want to mess around with aspects of the game you’ve never used before? Boy, do I have the challenge for you!

Welcome to the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge, a ten generation legacy with a focus on bright colors and new experiences.

The point of this challenge is for each simmer to get the sim of their choice from living in rags all the way up to riches. In order to complete this challenge your Sims must meet all of the main game challenge goals listed below. There are mandatory challenge goals that you must meet before you can complete some of the main challenges. There is also a list of optional goals for you to pick and choose from to go along with the main challenge.

The main concept is that your sim marries plenty of times. However, they kill each one of their spouses. Note that, even though it’s called the Black Widow Challenge, your male sims can take part as well!

The Legacy Challenge is a set of self-imposed rules meant to change the way you play the game of The Sims 4. By abiding by the restrictions of the challenge and reaching for the goals of the challenge, you will find yourself getting a very different experience from The Sims 4 that you might have playing casually. The Legacy Challenge tasks you with creating a single founder Sim moving them in to a giant lot, and starting out in abject poverty. Your founder must build their house, build their wealth, and ultimately bring in the second generation to continue when they die. In this challenge you play a single family for 10 full generations. With less control over how your children turn out and more challenges thrown your way, the challenge asks the very important question. “What kind of Legacy will you leave?”

The Sims 4 Decades Challenge is pretty much a journey through time. It's perfect for everyone who wants a new way to play the game.

You are a sim who has to face the harsh realities of living without a place you can call home. You can choose your background yourself. Are you a runaway country girl or a businessman who has suddenly lost his job and his house, for example? Whatever the reason for your homelessness, you’ll need to survive by any means necessary and slowly build a better life for yourself. It won’t be easy, but you’ll experience The Sims 4 from a very different point of view and may find yourself in some surprising and amusing situations along the way.

Your teen sim is now a runaway. As a runaway, they will have to slowly build a life of their own.

Your sim has a task. They have to create a legacy that will complete every career tree there is. That’s because every career tree will lift a restriction. But, one sim can only “complete” one career tree, any extras don’t count for the challenge. The score is the number of days it took you to lift all of the restrictions. So, the lower your score’s number, the better.

Through a series of eliminations find The Bachelor/Bachelorette ONE True LOVE!

It’s basically about running a hotel but with the element of chance thrown in for fun. 

Make a founder, it can be any sim you like, but a young adult would be best. She has to have the Nature aspiration but the idea is to live from the land, so some aspirations doesn't suit this challenge. You will have to make money of what you grow, and sell it to make enough for the bills to pay.

This challenge is based off of the Disney Princess franchise and movies. Storytellers can follow the original stories or you can just roll with it. Some areas of this challenge ask for gender specific heir/heiresses, this can be easily changed out if you're playing a patriarchy or matriarchy. This challenge follows the original rules of the 10 Generation Legacy - although some rules may vary. If you own a particular expansion pack, then feel free to incorporate this however you would like, ideas will be provided as well with [EPS].

Make your sim any way you wish, any traits you wish. The Aspiration is going to be tricky. You can start with any aspiration you wish but the final aspiration will be Mansion Baron. 

The purpose of this challenge is to break 100 hears in your chosen Sim's life. You might want to consider playing on "Long" lifespan since the Sim you choose will be the only Sim doing the challenge. You also have to complete all 100 heartbreaks before your Sim dies. If you fail to do this, the challenge is over.

Big Brother is a reality show where a number of people (usually 12-16) are locked in a house together and must vote someone out every week until only one person is left in the house and crowned the winner. This is exactly how it works in the Sims, but with the added bonus of letting Sims AI go wild.

She's always dreamed of being a grandmother, from the day she was born. And now, she is! She's not going to waste one second away from her grandchildren, even if her slightly rebellious daughter wants her to stay as far away as possible.

Here, you’d have to create a sim who’d have a best friend. However, she’d soon turn into an enemy of your character and form a squad. As you progress and acquire new skills, you’d eventually have the power to defeat them.

The Hired Help Challenge by MissChevus sees you helping out different households with different tasks over a 30-day in-game period. The tasks and households change every three to four days but all can be done just with the base game.

The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge is a Build Mode challenge for the Sims 4. In this challenge you will be building one of the two starter towns (Willow Creek or Oasis Springs) OR the new empty world of Newcrest from the ground up with houses and community lots that are completely of your own design. Also, if you choose to do so, you can post the lots to the gallery with the hashtag #Sims4BlockParty so that others can find your challenge creations.

The purpose of most Sims challenges is to start from nothing and actually thrive. However, this challenge is somewhat of an anti-challenge, in the sense that it wants progress to go backwards. Rather than getting rich, Sims must constantly become poorer and worse off.

This challenge follows the lives of three sims cohabiting the same lot. Using a rotation schedule of three days, you will control each sim just one day in three. The other two days, they will live their lives on their own; they will choose whether to go to work, make dinner, or hang around in their skivvies.

The goal of the challenge is to improve your Charisma and Rocket Science skills, and climb through the ranks of the Astronaut career.

Imagine  that your Sim is so against depending on "the grid", that they've consciously taken all steps to remove all electric devices, etc. from their home. They don't even want solar panels or any kind of generator. I know, this is kind of extreme, but they've actually decided to live so free of electricity that the early 1800's comes to mind.

The general idea of the challenge is to live only off of the land's resources and build the legacy of your dreams, complete with a museum to display all of your collections.

It's a challenge that can be anything with small rules.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a commune, just living off the land? Or to lead a cult composed of people with ideas that just don't fit in with mainstream society? Have you ever thought about joining a group of people together just to see what you could come up with as a team? Then the Cult or Commune Challenge may be for you! You will recruit a group of people, develop your own customs, decide how to work together, develop your own code of dress, start up a collection of treasures, learn lots of skills, discover love, and have children to spread your ideas! Create your leader, gather your people, and you decide--cult or commune?

You must play the Sims 4 as if being the producer of a 24/7/365 reality show named "The Truman Show". The Truman Show is a movie starring Jim Carey in which he is the center focal point of a reality show that he thinks is actually reality. Truman has no idea that he is being filmed his entire life starting at birth. He grows up inside a fake world built to convince him that he is in the real world. He grows up, goes to school, graduates, gets a job, gets married, has friends, has dreams, and has ambitions all the time he is completely trapped in a giant movie studio dome built to trick him. This sounds like The Sims to me!

All your friends and neighbors say you’re the best cook they know, but are you ready to put your cooking skills to a real test? You’ve always dreamed of having a life in the culinary field, and now is your chance to make that dream a reality.

The base idea of this challenge is that you start with a male/female sim, you live on a lot with nothing, no money or anything, your goal is to get cowplants, why you may ask? Let me explain, so you will meet sims and abduct them to your house by either beating them in a fight 5 times, marrying them or having children with them, and that’s also how you get the money, for each sim you kill with the cowplant you get 10k money, you also have workers and much more!, now time for the rules.
The old country was your home, your birthplace. Traditional values, traditional culture and… abject poverty. You’ve heard of the stories; the avenues for opportunity and growth in the new world were all there. Selling everything you had in the old country, you are able to purchase a ticket to the new world.

Arriving there, broke and full of dreams, you find that the job market in the new world is just as bad as the old world; too few jobs for too many workers. There is a spot of hope, however. Wanting to boost small business, the government is offering a loan of $20,000 to whomever starts their own business. With the promise of full citizenship if you are successful, you take the deal and now must figure out how to get your new life established.

Doing so will not be easy. The title of ‘temporary citizen’ brings many restrictions on your shoulders, not to mention you are in a land where you barely know the native language and culture. Whatever social skills you had are no longer are relevant.

Create a single Sim living alone in a household with a “Wolf Pack” of six dogs and one evil raccoon that constantly tries to ruin everything. Your Sim must live off the land on the island in Brindleton Bay, earning their money through collecting, fishing, gardening, and sending their dogs to hunt. The challenge ends when your Sim achieves their goal of building a home worth 50,000 simoleons on the island or when the raccoon dies.

The goal of this challenge is to start with a completely blank neighborhood and a single Sim and to create an entire “Sim City.” -You must create an entirely new Neighborhood to start with. It can be on any template you choose, but you MAY NOT add a University, Downtown, Shopping District, or any community lots.

The goal is to get as many generations as you can and to see how the genetics play out.

The clone challenge is using a single Sim in many saves. It's less time intense than a legacy, since it is completed in a single lifetime.

The Dollhouse Challenge is a useful challenge if you want to follow your Sims on every floor without changing floors each time your Sims walks downstairs or upstairs. You can create very unique themed houses in this challenge! And yes you can make it pink if you like.

The Castaway challenge is about a sim who has to meet certain requirements like making a farm, maxing the fishing skill, maxing the gardening skill and more! this challenge ends when the requirements have been met in least generations possible. outdoor retreat and get together are required.

Your mission from planet Sixam is to populate the sims world with simaliens - the super race. To do this you must find and kill victims that are human and at every opportunity get a child from these sims in order to make the superaliens (sim/alien combo).

GOAL: Basically to kill as many sims as you can within 3 weeks!

A lot of Simmer picked up this building challenge and they challenge each other to build a 10k starter home for their Sims. 

You basically randomize two sims. You then click on every feature (nose, eyes, fullbody, chin and so on, like literally EVERYTHING) and then you randomize it (I'm gonna press the randomize button THREE times and then just go with the third thing I get). For the next step you take the "play with genetics" option and get their random child. Turn it into a teenager and try to make it as beautiful as possible!

Your father gave to you a house. However most of the furniture got repossessed somehow and now there is nothing. It's up to you to refurnish the house.

This challenge is perfect for those of you that take pleasure in the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

A legacy challenge based entirely on the eleven familiars given to us in Realm of Magic, and their mystical origins

Use these devilish prompts each day in the month of October to create spooky sims content of your choice (edit, render, lookbook, story, etc.) 
Are you ready to move to Sulani with nothing but a tent and start your new life?  Then this is the challenge for you! An Animal Crossing Legacy challenge with 8 generations based on the different villager types! 

Drought, heat, very bright light. You slowly open your eyes. Poh, what a bright light. You can hardly see anything. Your tongue feels like a dry rag in your mouth. Thirsty, you are thirsty. You feel around you. Sand. Sand? You manage to open your eyes completely. You look around you. Sand. More sand. Palm trees. Rocks. Sand. Sea. Where are you? You don't remember anything. Your stomach grunts. Time to eat. But how? And where? Where are you? You get up. You're on an island. Alone. And there's nowhere to go... So.. what now? 

A Harvest Moon inspired challenge and a save file to accompany it. 

This is a legacy challenge about the seven deadly sins.

Your sim is an adventurer visiting many places around the globe.

Your Grilled Cheese loving sim has decided that their entire life now revolves around their favorite dish. What on earth is going on?!

This challenge is pushing you to make choices you normally wouldn’t do - and it hopefully motivates you to play the game as well!

This challenge is based on the same style of the Not So Berry challenge but with Occults. 

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