The Last Survivors Challenge

You are a child from StrangerVille (You don't need the StrangerVille pack or any pack at all to play this...just for backstory purposes) who survived a pandemic alone. Your parents are both in the military and were ordered by the government to move to a bunk house in SimanityVille (formerly Oasis Springs) after a failed attempt to defeat the origin of an unknown illness - the mother plant.  After having been exposed to the mother plant, they both die from the unknown illness that poisoned their bloodstream leaving you alone to look after yourself.

After three years of being stuck in your bunker, your supplies are now depleted which forces you to come out and scavenge for food.  You must survive on your own until you meet another survivor who will be your companion and partner in rebuilding Simanity.

The main goal of this challenge is to survive and rebuild Simanity after a pandemic. 

Before you age up to a teen, you need to have saved at least 1000 simoleons in your piggy bank and only meet the other survivor when you are already a teen.  Should you come across the other survivor while either of you are still a child, do not talk to them and run away.

You and the other survivor are to meet in your teens and need to have a romantic relationship, elope when you turn into adults, and then have children.  When you have at least two teens is when you have achieved the goal.


Set up:
1) Create a household with one child and either just one parent or two. The child in this household will be your main sim which you will play.
This is the family I created. I will be playing the little girl named Luna. 

2) Place your sim's household in a 20x15 lot in Oasis Springs.

3) As soon as your household loads, go to Game Settings and change the following:

Change the Sim Lifespan from normal to short.
Uncheck "Fill Empty Homes".
Set Auto Age for both played and unplayed sims to "No" so your sims will not age while you're still in the set up process.
Don't forget to click "Apply Changes" when you're done.

Pack Settings
If you have Eco Lifestyle, disable NPC Voting. You may disable the rest if you like.  I prefer to disable the dust and animal aging.

4) Save and go to Manage Worlds.

5) Select a different world and create another household with one child and either just one or two parents.
This is Theo's family. His parents were scientists in StrangerVille but they moved to Sulani when the virus went out of control. They, too, died of the mysterious illness which left Theo alone in an island.

It is important to place the two households in separate worlds so the children will not meet yet.

6) Build or download from the gallery apocalyptic homes for the two households. Set the lot to Off the Grid and use Off the Grid plumbing and cooking items only. Remember that your sim is a child who cannot cook, so get an Off the Grid fridge or cooler.
I created this bunker specifically for this challenge.

7) Using MCCC, have both children quit school by clicking on a computer, select MC Command Center > MC Career > Children Quit School.

8) Once you have settled them, use the money cheat to set your funds to 0 (zero) simoleons and the other household's to an amount that will cover their utility bill as you won't be playing that household. Here's how to set the funds using the money cheat: While in Live Mode, hold Ctrl and Shift, then press c. If that doesn't work, try Ctrl + Shift + Windows (or Command key if you're on Mac) + C. A box will appear in the top left corner where you can input cheat codes.

9) Click on the box and type 'testingcheats on' or 'testingcheats true' if the first one doesn't work.  That should enable cheats in your game.

10) Next, type 'money 0' and then press enter. Your household funds should change to 0 (zero).

This challenge does not require any pack but uses the following mods which needs some tweaking before you can start playing:

NPCC (Required for preventing NPCs from respawning)
MCCC (Required for quitting school)

Since this challenge uses only 2 sims who are children, you would need the NPCC mod in order to prevent the respawning of NPCs. The mod will not delete the existing NPCs so you will have to manually delete them initially by going to Manage Worlds, Other Households, and then hover on the household and click the "x" in the upper right corner. 

TIP: Start with the household in the center, second row. Don't move your cursor when you click the "x" so you can keep clicking it until all the households in the line up are done. Delete the rest that were left.

NPCs may occasionally respawn, but I have a setting for the mod that works most of the time, so you can download it here if you like. After downloading, unzip/extract and place it inside the NPCC folder in your Mods folder (if there is an existing settings file, replace it with mine). 

Piggy Bank Mod
Use the Piggy Bank which you can search and buy from Build Mode to store your savings.

I particularly prefer the Money Jar over the Piggy Bank though.

Just place the piggy bank or money jar on a desk, click on it and "Add money".  Enter the amount and once you click on "Ok", that amount will be deducted from your household funds.

Remember to keep track of the amount that you put in there coz it won't be showing you the breakdown nor the total amount. So, when you want to take some money, don't enter more than the amount of your total savings.

The amount of money you have taken from it will then be added back to your household funds.

In order for your child sim to live alone, you need to delete the adult. You can use a cheat if there's one but I prefer to do it using MCCC: Just click on the adult sim you intend to delete, choose MC Command Center, MCCC Commands, Maintain a Sim, Delete Sim.

If you select "Kill" Sim, your child sim will be sent to a foster family.  I chose this for my main sim's parents coz I want her to remember them and have them in the relationship panel. 

Deleting sims would totally delete everything and the deleted sim will not appear in the relationship panel.

Killing the remaining adult sim will trigger this pop-up message:

Your game will then redirect to Manage Worlds.  Click Other Households and there you will find your orphan child sim.

Click on the heart icon to add your child sim to your households.

Next, select the pencil icon to go to CAS coz you would need to add an adult sim in order to move your child sim to a lot.

Add a random adult sim and place them in the bunk house of your orphan sim.

In case their funds is below the value of the bunk house, just place them in any lot they can afford for now and use the money cheat to adjust their household funds to an amount that will allow them to buy the bunk house.  Move them there and delete the adult sim.

Use the money cheat and set your main sim child's funds to 0 (zero).

Now go to Manage Worlds, select the other survivor household, and delete the parents of the child.  Up to you if you choose kill instead if you want the child to remember their parents as well. 
Make sure that the sims are inside their home before killing them if you want to keep their urn and so your child sim will not get lost.

This is Theo, the other child survivor in my story.  His parents were both scientists who worked in the lab in the attempt of coming up with a vaccine for the unknown illness.  They tested their vaccine on 12 rats, and only one gave them 99% efficacy result. They were studying the DNA of that particular rat when an accident happened and killed both of them instantly. I chose to kill his parents so he will have them also in his relationship panel so that when he elopes with my main sim, they will both have memory of their dead parents.

That is the final stage of the set up.  Do not add new mods or delete the required mods as it can affect or mess up some aspects of the game and the challenge.

When you're ready to play, go back to Game Options, Gameplay, and then set Auto Age of both played and unplayed sims to "Yes".


No cheats, custom contents, or mods other than the ones mentioned above.

You may not adjust your sim's lifespan, age them up or age them down once you have started to play. If they age up without you meeting the set goal for their age, it's game over.

If a random NPC happens to appear while you're playing, delete them and go to Manage Worlds > Other Households to see if there are NPC households there. Delete those, too.

You may not go to school, have a job, or have a business and will have to survive on fishing, digging, rummaging trash, collecting, or gardening.

You may not travel to other worlds until you are ready to meet the other survivor.

You may not move out of your home, 
buy or build anything until you are ready to elope with the other survivor.

Your home is an Off the Grid lot, so you cannot use electricity. Changing the lot trait of your home is forbidden. You can only change the lot trait once you and the other survivor move to a bigger home for your family.

You are not to peek into your sim's Custom Gender Settings until your sim has eloped with the other survivor.  If the other survivor is not able to get pregnant or get others pregnant, it's game over.

You and the other survivor may have a job when your eldest turns into a teen, but you can only get a job as a manual laborer, military, painter, or writer until you have reached the goal.

If you or the other survivor dies before you are teens, or before having two teens, it's game over, so try not to die.

If this challenge is too easy for you, you can do the following:

1) Add more survivors who are also children. If any of those children die before you reach your goal, it's game over.

2) Limit the things your sim can do to survive, like they can only rummage the trash - no fishing, no digging, no nothing.

You can use your own creative ways of setting the difficulty as long as no rule is broken.  Good luck!


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