What Are Mods and How To Install Them?


Mod is short for modification so by definition, mods alter some aspects of the game. You can basically Google the mod that you want or need by using keywords like “Sims 4 realistic pregnancy mod” for example, but the safest place to download mods would be from Patreon.com.

CC is short for Custom Content. These are objects that replace or add changes to the existing objects in the game  (ex. tables, chairs, hairs, clothing, etc.) or objects that are not yet available in the game  (ex. birth certificate, personalized objects, etc.).

Downloading and installing Mods is quite easy. Typically, you just follow these 5 steps:


In detail:

1) ENABLE MODS IN GAME. With your game running, go to Game Options/Other and tick the 2 boxes for mods. Screenshots here if you need visuals; 

2) DOWNLOAD the mod/CC from the creator's website, Patreon.com, or other mod sharing sites like this one;  

3) UNZIP the files if needed (some mods don't need unzipping or are automatically unzipped as in the case of some Mac users) using a file archiver. If you are not familiar with using a file archiver, here's how

4) PLACE THE UNZIPPED FILE/FOLDER IN YOUR MODS FOLDER which is usually located in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods (unless you changed it). Make sure files are no more than one folder deep. Mod files, especially script files, may not work if buried too deep in subfolders.


5) DELETE THE LOCALTHUMBCACHE.PACKAGE FILE from The Sims 4 folder every time you add or delete files from your Mods folder. This step prevents errors in your game. 


1) Keep yourself informed of any updates about the game and prepare for it so you don't mess up your game;

3) Some mods need to be placed directly under the Mods folder. The creator will mention that in the mod description/installation instructions, so it is important to carefully read the description and installation instructions.


There are mods that are a little more complicated  and follow a different procedure or need some tweaking when it comes to installation. Reading the creator's instructions word for word helps with those mods that are quite technical. As a beginner, I would advise to start with the simple ones (those that you just need to follow the 5 steps I mentioned above), and once you get the hang of it, perhaps you can venture into the huge ones.

The key to not becoming overwhelmed or mess up your Mods folder is to choose the mods carefully and organize your Mods folder from the start.  Go for mods whose creators are religiously updating their mods or have a good reputation in the sims community. For organizing mods, label each folder in a manner that it will be easy for you to find them when something in your game goes wrong. Use this troubleshooting guide in case you encounter any issues.

Should you need help, feel free to comment here or use this Support Form. I'd be glad to help you. I've done it for free for a number of simmers and I'd be glad to do it for you, too. ☺️


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