This troubleshooting guide is for those who are on pc and use mods. Before you proceed, make sure to backup your user data first.

1) MODS NOT SHOWING UP. There are instances when mods don't show up in game because they are disabled in Game Options/Other. Here's how to enable them. If you have enabled them a couple of times and they keep getting disabled, try this.

If you have an active cloud storage like OneDrive, check if the files are there. Move those files to your Mods folder and disable/uninstall OneDrive.

Some errors in the game can be solved by clearing the cache, so try this first before doing the steps below.


LAGGING/FREEZING/CRASHING - Lagging/freezing/crashing could be due to a number of reasons like your computer specs (memory, processor,  storage, outdated drivers/software, etc.), broken/outdated mods, accumulated cache/temporary files, corrupt files, etc.

NOT STARTING - This issue is almost always due to a broken custom content (CC).  

LOADING FOREVER - When your game loads forever, it could be a sign of a broken or outdated mod, especially if it happened if you recently added a mod or after a game update.  

Loading forever is also an indication of a corrupt save. Unfortunately, I don't know of any sure way to fix it.  Most often, it's irreversible, but you could try the fixes under SCENARIO 2 below.


Most of the time, issues in the game are mod-related.  So, just to rule it out, take out all of your mods and CCs, delete the localthumbcache.package file, run your game on a new save (not an existing save) and observe.

If the game runs fine, then it means it is indeed mod-related.  Now to find the culprit, you can do the following:

A) If the issue happened after a game update, check the status of mods/CCs and redownload those that were considered safe to use or have been updated. If you don't find the mod in the list, go to the website where you got it and check if the creator has updated it or cleared it for use.

If the issue appeared after you installed mods/CCs, look into those you recently installed first. Most likely those mods/CCs just need updating.

C) If that doesn't work, try to batch update your CCs;
D) If that still doesn't give you good results, try the 50/50 cleaning method.

If your game still acts up even when playing vanilla, it could mean your user data may have been corrupted. Try any of the following fixes:

1) Do a Factory Reset;
2) Repair your game (
Make sure there are no mods/CCs in your Mods folder before you do this so as not to do further damage to your saves);

Good luck!

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