How I Organize My Mods Folder

One of the main reasons why troubleshooting issues in your game can be a pain is not organizing your mods properly.  When mods are not properly organized, finding the culprit especially if you have tons of mods, is like searching for a needle in a haystack. So, today, I decided to share with you how I organize my Mods folder.

I first check if there is a sub-folder inside.

If there is like in the above example, I select and click on the mod name, add the word MOD at the beginning, copy the edited name, open the folder, click on the subfolder's name, and paste the copied name on it.

I then drag the renamed mod to my Mods folder (to drag: select the folder, hold and don't release, move towards to Mods folder, then release the hold).

 Then I delete the leftover folder of the downloaded mod so I won't confuse it with the one I dragged into the Mods folder.

 Now, let me show you how my mods look like inside my Mods folder (Note that this is an old screenshot of my mods folder as my current one has less since I am in the process of deleting and updating some of them).

 I categorize my mods and CCs in such a way that I will easily spot the CCs (Custom Contents) from the Mods, as well as other types such as Animations, sliders, poses, Venues, etc.

CCs are further categorized according to their type (eg. hair, clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.) or any name that will help me identify them.

Notice that there are files that are not under any folder. These are script files that mod creators instructed to place DIRECTLY under the Mods folder for the mod to function properly (Script mods cannot be placed more than one folder deep, so the rest of the mods that have script files SHOULD NOT have subfolders).

In order for me to identify which mod uses these script files, I created a text file where I listed down the scripts and the mods that use them.

Organizing my mods and custom contents this way helps a lot in dealing with game issues as I can easily find the problematic mods / CCs.

Since I love organizing mods and CCs, I have done this for a number of other simmers for free.

Fill out this form if you would like me to help you with yours, too, or try this Mods Manager.

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