Dream Home Decorator Bugs and How To Fix Them

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The Dream Home Decorator pack has a lot of potential, but it's being held back by some really serious bugs. Usually, there are some bugs in The Sims 4 at this point, but these ones are much worse than usual.

Here are a list of bugs, their workaround, and their status:
Dream Home Decorator Bugs

If you're experiencing any new bugs that aren't included in the list above, please post about them on the AHQ Sims 4 Bug Reports Forum.

To get started, log in with your EA account, then hit the "New Topic" button located near the top of the board to create a new post.

Alternatively, you can click the "Me Too" button below the initial post of that bug. You can also choose to share your experience with the bug by clicking the "Reply" button on any post.

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