How To Share Your Sims, Lots, Mods and CCs Without Going To The Gallery and More!

Some simmers prefer downloading stuff outside of The Sims 4 Gallery and this tool lets you do that and more!

I am talking about The Sims 4 Tray Importer created by LuniverSims.  

The Sims 4 Tray Importer is a great tool to use for troubleshooting which custom content/s or Mod/s in your game are broken or outdated.  

It shows all your Mods and CCs and lets you share it with others outside of the gallery.

After downloading and installing in your computer, you will need to set up and update the location of your game folders in order for it to gather and find your mods and custom contents:

The red circle with white exclamation marks mean the default location is not where your game folders are.  You need to click the 3 dots on the left of it, and locate your game (the location where you installed your game) and your game files (Document files such as mods, saves, tray, etc).

Once you have indicated the correct locations, you should see all your game contents such as your sims, lots, and custom contents.

If you see items in pink or red, it means there are either files missing or broken. Right click on the item and you will see options such as "show containing folder" (where the CC or Mod file is located in your computer) so you will know what CC or Mod it is in case you want to update it, or "delete" if you are no longer using that Mod or CC.

To share your Sim, Lot, and CCs, select on the file you want to share and click any of the icons on the upper right corner: 

These icons let you export with or without CC, save images, or share the URL to anyone.

 DOWNLOAD it here.

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