How To Batch Update and Customize Custom Contents

When you have tons of Custom Contents (CCs) in your game and you experience bugs, errors, or unusual behavior in your game, it can be daunting to troubleshoot what is causing them. 

Good thing there are tools that help you update outdated or broken CCs. 

I personally recommend these two tools to help you fix broken or outdated CCs in your game:

Watch the tutorial here:


Let me tell you first about Sims4Studio as discussing both in a single post might bore you.  There's a separate post for the Sims 4 Tray Importer that you can read later if you still haven't.

What is Sims 4 Studio?

Sims 4 Studio is primarily a free tool for creating custom contents, but for those of us who aren't into CC making, it can also be useful in batch updating custom contents in our game. 

This is what it should look like once you have downloaded and installed Sims 4 Studio on your computer:

Initially, you would need to update the game path and save files path:

The Sims 4 Path is the location in your computer where your game is installed.  Usually, it is found in your drive C. 

Back to the Sims4Studio, click on the ellipsis (3 dots) on the blue square to open and update the path to yours.

Sims 4 Documents is where your save files are.  They are found in drive C also.

For Steam users, this is how to find the path where Steam has installed your game:

On Steam, go to LIBRARY and then right click on your game icon and then click on "Properties..."

Click on "LOCAL FILES" tab

It will open the folder where your game is located. Take note of the path and search for it on The Sims4Studio

The only two tabs I use are these: 

I use this tab to fix or update CCs in my game. Sorry bout the quality of the screenshots as my computer won't capture everything so I had to use my crappy phone instead. 

I use this tab to view my CCs and to customize them according how I want them to appear or function in my game.

Here's an example. It's an iPhone default phone CCs. It has different swatches and you can select only the colors that you like to use in your game.  You can even choose how it should function in your game.  

DOWNLOAD it here.  


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