Functional McDonald's Restaurant!

Sul sul! I've always dreamed of owning a McDonald's franchise but couldn't afford it in real life. Now, at least, I could own one in The Sims 4! I was so excited when I came across this mod so I did not hesitate to download it and try it immediately!

In this video are my family's simselves and their home is the Acorn by Youtuber / Sim Builder Tasha a.k.a. Schnuck01. I just modified the house a bit to my liking.  I super love her creations and I am planning to feature her builds here soon.  For now, I would like you to see this amazing FUNCTIONAL MC DONALD'S RESTAURANT!

I am super glad that this functions like a real fast food restaurant and the building design up to the crew's uniforms are on point! Credit to Check out the demo I made in this video:


DOWNLOAD this mod. (After clicking DOWNLOAD, please wait for a few seconds for the page to load. Thank you!)


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